18 March 2011

Friday Feeling #8

001. So another day was spent working at home today, due to me waking up feeling very sick! However, after numerous cups of tea (in my cath kidston mug) and my anti biotics, for the day, i beginning to feel (almost) myself again. My wonderful mum came home with armfuls of goodies to make me feel better; chicken soup, 'management' on dvd and my favourite cakes, from waitrose, yummy.

002. As i said yesterday, i'm in for a very exciting weekend! Tomorrow, i'm heading into Cambridge with my Mumma for 2 vital reasons, 1, I am finally going to the apple shop to enquire about/buy my mac! My birthday is in 2 weeks my parents, are amazing, and are buying me a macbook pro! Mainly because when i go to university in september, i'm going to need some sort of computer/laptop to take with me, and as my course includes quite a lot of writing/graphicsy/editorial type stuff, and a mac is a brilliant piece of machinery, it seemed like the best option! I'm super excited because i havn't owned any sort of laptop since i was about 13, then i got my current flat screen and computer combo, but it's really beginning to slow down and become a bit of a burden, so i'm super excited to get my mac and learn all the ins and outs, and become a complete mac geek 8). The 2nd reason i am venturing into town, is because it's the Cambridge FAB Weekend at the moment, and there's lots of events going on. I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but the event i'm going to tomorrow is some sort of fashion and beauty thing. It's sponsered by Cambridge's Style magazine, which i'm going to be doing work experience for in the Summer, and the lady who i will be working for will probably be there - so this is a prime oppurtunity for me to make a good impression! Don't you worry, i'll be taking my camera and taking some snaps of whatever's going on! As i havn't been out shopping in a while, i'll be having a wander 'round the shops having a look what's coming in for Spring, maybe even make a purchase, or 2, if something catches my eye!

003. Like i told you already, it's my birthday in 2 weeks - can't believe it's only 2 weeks away! - and i am super excited to get my mac! SUPER excited. There are a few other suggestions that i gave my Mumma for things that i would like, but to be honest - a macbook is perfectly enough for me! I've only asked for money from family and family friends, as i'm saving up for university, my summer shinanagans and there a few bits and bobs i'd like to buy for myself too. For example;

All in all, if you havn't already guessed, i am very excited for the Easter break!

003. I'm also getting my hair done on Monday; My friend Steven has just flown the nest that he had previously worked for since he was about 18, now in his mid-twenties he's branched out with his friend, Harry, and opened up their own salon in Sawston, a short drive from Cambridge. HALO opened about a month ago and is doing extremely well, I definitely recommend them for a cut, dye or even just a consultation.

P.S. 2 weeks until my birthday, means 2 weeks until the Mr comes home! <3


  1. I think I need a Cath Kidston mug!
    I've never ventured over to Mac but must admit I'm very tempted, lots of bloggers seem to have them. I use the most crapest/oldest laptop atm, very slow and sluggish but hey better than nothing xx


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