17 March 2011


Sadly today has been spent lounging in my pyjamas, when i'm not ferrying to and from the doctors and/or the pharmacy. I have to say that i don't really have any serious issues with the way i look, i'd like to put on a little weight (but that's very difficult for me!), but my body can seriously frustrate me sometimes! I won't bore you with all the ins and outs, or all the gory details, but sometimes it very much gets on my nerves!

ANYWAY! This is an outfit i wore at the beginning of the week, just for working at home and popping into town to pick up a parcel. Quick, easy, simple but also quite cute!

Jumper: H&M / Top: H&M / Scarf: H&M / Jeggings: Next Tall

I actually bought this jumper/top ensemble while i was in amsterdam. It was so incredibly cold that i bought them for extra warmth! But i actually really like the the stripes/neon collaboration, this jumper comes in an array of colours (mint green, peach, this orange, black and white with black pinstripes) and i almost went for the black, but i thought that this pop of colour would carry me through spring and autumn, and keep me sunny throughout the winter!

Despite not being in college today, i got a super amount of work done today - i've been seriously productive! I'm slowly but surely getting through my fmp work, i may not be totally sticking to my scheduale but at least i'm finally getting somewhere!
I'm in for an exciting weekend, which i'll tell you all about tomorrow in my Friday Feeling! I hope you're all feeling better than i am, and now i'm off for an early night and to watch keeping up with the kardashians! (When you're ill, rubbish reality telly is just what the doctor ordered!

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  1. I love the jumper teamed with the stripes and scarf, such a lovely spring outfit xx


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