16 March 2011

15 days & Counting.

So, it's the 16th March, and i'm already bored of this month! I always find that March is a little like January, for me, a sort of inbetween-y month. It's sandwiched neatly between Half Term & My Birthday, making it a little dull. So i'm (silently) counting down to the more exciting month of April, which houses (so far) My Birthday, Birthday Shinanigans, My 2 Year Anniversary with the Mr, My Surprise from the Mr, Going to the Zoo with the Girls, Going to Lowestoft with my College Lovlies, Going to London to be Arty, Going to London to see We Will Rock You & Going to Bicester Village Shopping with a friend - and that's only initial plans! So, i am totally excited for the month of April to start - not to mention the fact that, seeing as this month i've had to buy a Mother's Day present, Chloe's Birthday present & My Anniversary present for the Mr, i'm a little skint! So i am patiently, but not so calmly, waiting for Payday to come around (especially seeing as i seem to have lost about half my summer wardrobe, and it's beginning to get at least lukewarm!)

I woke up this morning to a, sadly, dull and depressing grey scene which, after the last couple of beautifully sunny days, put a real dampener on the first day back to college after the weekend - it's hard enough getting the motivation to get myself up to whittle away my day at college. So i had to, yet again, layer up - but i would not let the grey get my down! i added a splash of colour to my outfit!

Jeans: Topshop Tall / Top: Primark / Lace Crop Top: New Look / Necklace: Accessorize

I love where i work because: number 1, we tend to stock some really adorable stuff in our gift/home/bits & bobs-ware, and number 2, because i get discount. While wandering 'round my place of work (Huntingdon Garden & Leisure) with my mother, at the beginning of the week, i had been eyeing up this gorgeous chesnut leather look scrapbook and these gorgeous wedding decorations for a while, so i finally took the plunge and bought them. At £14.99 for the scrapbook, maybe a little pricey but with my discount it came out quite reasonable, and 99p each for the decs - i didn't do too badly. I can't wait to make a lovely little collage/scrapbook, this summer, of my wonderful friends and fantastic boyfriend for me to take away to uni with me - I'm really intent of making my university room as comfy and homey as possible!

These little teasures brightened up my week!

Well, yet again i have to say that i am desperate for payday - i need some new piecesfor my adventures in easter! I'm hoping to buy some key investment pieces, such as denim shorts - possibly following the band wagon and diy-ing some myself, some summery sleeveless tops - that could then be taken through to autumn and winter, with some layers underneath. I'm really beginning to believe that i have a shopping addiction! The temptation is crazy to just splurge the last of this months wages. My justification is that i'm a Fashion student, so it's allowed, right?

Hope you're all feeling sunny in this gloom! <3

P.S. Sorry for the slacking on posts! I'm desperately trying to force myself into my FMP, hopefully i'll find a good balance of work and blogging soon! Thank you for baring with me. x


  1. Aah your plans for April sound awesome! I love it when you've planned ahead - great to have stuff to look forward to x

  2. I adore the leather scrapbook, I always think it's nice to spend a little bit extra on a really nice book, if it is going to home such sentimental memories that you will be able to treasure forever xx


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