8 February 2011


I am finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Not only because the sun is finally coming out to say "hello! spring is here!" but also because, as you know, my Pathway Review is on Friday so i've been franitcally trying to get everything ready and i've finally finished the maxi skirt i was making for my latest 'Hidden' project. It's such a simple design, but the print really speaks for itself! I'm really proud of it and happy with the outcome, i just hope they appreciate all my hard work, this Friday!

The sun is definitely brightening my mood, and i'm incredibly happy that spring is well on it's way - it's extrememly needed! It's only 2 weeks until half term, things can only get better! Something that also REALLY brightened my week was my acceptance for my favourite university! .. Drum Rolllllll .. Southampton! I can't believe i finally know where i'm going in September, and spending the next 3 years of my life, for sure! I have to say that i have well and truly fallen head over heels with Southampton; the city, the course & everything in between. I'm extremely excited and i have to say that for the first time ever, this really just feels like everything is finally falling into place; everything feels right. When people said to me "when you find the right university, you'll just know, you'll get the feeling" I really didn't understand or believe it, but if i have one piece of advice for anybody applying to university - it's to follow your heart, you really do just know what's right. You can kid yourself that there are 2 that are your favourites, or that you like them all or that you're not quite sure - but if there's a right one, you really do just know.

I never normally do outfit posts about what i wear over the Monday/Tuesday period, because it's always normally the same thing - unless for different circumstances but i was quite proud of Monday's little number. It's SO simple, quite plain and very comfortable but i really quite like it. (It was also the first time in MONTHS i didn't have to wear a long sleeve top underneath my top/cardi (!!!) Hello Spring!)

Jeggings: Next Tall / Top: Topshop / Cardigan: H&M / Scarf: H&M

These jeggings are a serious staple in my wardrobe; comfortable and easy to dress, they work with so many different styles. PLUS they're from Next's Tall range and they fit like a dream (minus all baggy-at-the-knee dramas which are my absolute pet hate!) The top is something i've had since about 2 summers ago when i went shopping at Bluewater, Kent, trying to find the perfect Leavers Ball dress (i was unlucky on said trip - but it's fine as i came across this cute piece and a gorgeous topshop festival hate that kept my head safe all summer long! Shame i forgot it at Glastonbury 2010, maybe i would have come home without sporting ONE burnt ear...) ANYWAY, i was really drawn to, not only the interesting print, but also it's beautiful shape. You can't really see from my pictures but it's got a subtle hanky hem and is really nice and flowy style. At the back, it's also got like a racer back and got a really cool knot at the back, really subtle aspect but i think it just finishes the back off nicely. The colour of this cardigan is also really gorgeous, these pictures do NOT do it justice! But it's such a gorgeous, deep violet and it goes with so much! Serious cardigan love.

I really cannot wait for this week, and next, to be over and i can finally take a well earned break (apart from thinking about and brainstorming for my FMP starting after half term; SIGH) I hope you're all having a productive week, as i am!

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  1. Love the skirt K, it looks amazing!
    So proud of you!!
    Good luck with everything, it will all be fine :)
    Just wait until you're at Uni and that mountain of work you have now looks as flat as Cambs is :D


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