4 February 2011

Friday Feeling #4


This is what my life is like at the moment - busy, cluttered and crazy! & This picture pretty much sums up my time as well! I'm franticly rolling out designes, references, designer inspirations & ideas! It's absolutely ridiculous how much work i have to do in the time frame i have (i can't believe they told us yesterday that everything is in for tomorrow, when we thought it was in for 2 weeks - you can get a lot done in an extra week!) I have to say, it's taking all my strength not to just break down and scream "i can't do it!" Probably isn't helping that the mr has jetted off to Amsterdam until Sunday with his friends for a post-exams break, while I'M here, on my own - a complete emotional wreck and a total recluse! In fact, i'm most definitely NOT loving life at the moment!! Give it 2 weeks..

002. It was absolutely lovely to spend a rare Tuesday evening with my fabulous friends, especially the ones i barely see - even though they live just around the corner! We spent a loud, but great evening together at Frankie & Benny's - which i havn't been to since my birthday in April, and i thoroughly enjoyed it (however, i do believe that F&B's has gone way down hill in the last couple of years!) The absolute highlight was, one of our friends arrived late due to work commitments so we told our waitress that it was her birthday and asked for her dessert to be brought out with a candle & for everyone to sing to her! She was a great sport and it was brilliant to see the shock in her face!:

Here are a couple more of snaps from the night!

"Thank you for being nice on her birthday, she does not get out much. All our love, the very loud table! x" - A note left for our waitress, referring to Kez.

003. According to the mr, he has a few surprises up his sleeve for me and as we all know, surprises make for interesting blogging, and i can't wait to show you all what i'm going to be up to for the next 6 months! From March - Beginning of May, i'll be working on my FMP (Final Major Project) & despite a really intense work load, i'm hoping i'll be able to keep you updated with how i'm getting on and what i'm producing. However, i'm also very excited for the Easter Holidays as it houses 2 very important events - My 19th Birthday & The Mr and I will have been going out for 2 years! I'm very excited as there'll be lots of adventures for me to share with you all. At the end of February i'm going to Amsterdam, on a college trip, which should be very exciting and inspiring (hopefully!) From June to September, the Mr & I are hoping to do some travelling around the UK, to visit some of his siblings as one is having a baby (!), one has just got a gorgeous new puppy (!), one has a baby who will be just over a year old (!) and one who will be getting married in December(!) We're also hoping to spend some time in Southampton, as he'll be moving into a new house during the summer months. At the moment my life is very, very static and i'm getting a bit sick of it! So hopefully this will all break it up a bit before i hop off to university in September, which i definitely can't wait to share with you - Where, i am yet to announce!

004. Anyone interested in the latest Spring/Summer 11 Designer Collections, i have to reccomend two - which i've featured in my contextual book - Jean Paul Gaultier & Christian Dior Haute Couture. The colours, fabric & amazing shape are what drew me to both and they're definitelt worth checking out!

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