12 February 2011

(Belated) Friday Feeling #5

001. I'm so sorry i didn't get to do my Friday Feeling yesterday! I have been feeling really lousy this week, and i'm still not feeling 100%, but i don't really have much to tell you about this week! I've just been working towards my pathway review, which was yesterday. It seemed to go very well, with my tutor trying on my Architecture headpieces! Well, i've passed and she was very positive, so i'm very happy that part of the course is all over; full steam ahead with FMP after half term!

002. When i venture to Southampton, this half term, i'm hoping to do an every day'Southampton Clothing Diary' as i like to dress well when i go, it's nice to try new things out when you're away from your day to day life. In fact, i'm quite excited for a break from day to day life! If i don't get time to do it every day, i'll fill you all in in my Friday Feeling.

003. This is the outfit i wore today (Saturday) to go university shopping, just something a bit different as i feel i'm starting to get my flare back!

Shorts: Topshop / Long Sleeve Top: Primark / Strap Top: H&M / Lace Top: New Look / Tights: Tesco

I bought these shorts such a long time ago, but i never really wear them; probably because it irritates me that they're a really creasy fabric, but they're so soft and really stylish. They're easy to dress up or down, and they're also very comfortable! This little lacey top, i actually bought in the sale, i believe, and it's so, so adorable! So easy to wear with lots of different things, but especially cute with shorts and skirts. ALSO, don't you think these tights are soooo sweet! They were unbelieveably cheap at only a couple of pounds from tesco, but they're lovely to wear. Layering seems to keep cropping up with me lately!

I hope you guys have had a more interesting week than i have!

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