26 February 2011

The (South)Hamptons Round Up

I often feel that Southampton is overlooked and underestimated; while searching for the perfect universty, and place to call home for the next three years, i looked high and low - all over the country, even considered studying abroad, but after everything i kept coming back to my beloved Southampton. I think it's fair to say that i have well & truly fallen in love with the place, and for good reason. For starters, it's beautiful; whether it's eating at Banana Wharf on the water front (which the Mr still needs to take me to, hopefully this summer!), walking through one of the lush, green parks or commons or dashing around the town centre trying to find that perfect pair of shoes to finish off tonight's outfit - every angle intrigues me, and there's so much more for me to discover!

As a fashion student, i even think that i'd go as far as to say that it's really up and coming in the fashion stakes. The likes of London or Birmingham are known for forward thinking style and a mish mash of people, well Southampton has all of that and shops just as good as the next city! While standing on the balcony of West Quay shopping centre, i took a moment to take in the place, and the people, that i will be calling home as of September. It made me smile to see people from all walks of life in one place, unlike how i feel in a bigger city, like London, people don't seem to even want to make eye contact with anyone else they're sharing the pavement with but in Southampton, i just feel like there's a real sense of community - even in such a large area, even with lots of separate parts; everyone just seems to come together. It makes it feel like home, even before i've moved in! With so many students, from not one but two universitys, Southampton is competitively one of the best dressed cities, possibly behind the big'uns, but definitely of the South.

I will be proud to call Southampton my home, and i really can't wait to move in! I just love how it makes me feel, and how it almost makes things seem.. easier, makes life seem that little bit more bareable. If you've never been before, i definitely recommend a visit.

As i spent the majority of my day lugging my suitcase across London, and beyond, i was far too exhausted to even attempt a Friday Feeling, but as you've been kept completely up-t0-date this week, i'm hoping you won't mind too much! However, you won't be getting one next week either as on Monday i'm jetting off to Amsterdam for the week! I'm home very late on Friday night, so will be far too knackered to brag about my cultural week. Hopefully, next weekend i'll get a chance to show you my week in pictures, between unpacking and sleeping!

I'll leave you with things that are keeping me excited! Happy Saturday!

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From Top to Bottom: Me & the Mr are going to see We Will Rock You in about a month! / My 19th Birthday on April 3rd! / Planning a trip to London with my friend Hayley this summer / Planning a trip to York with my friend Jenna this summer / Mother's Day / Amsterdam / Lots of special occasions therefore means lots of eating out and eating well! / Tons of lounging in Cambridge before i leave for Soton / Mine & the Mr's 2 year anniversary! / Me & the Mr will be travelling all over the UK this summer, visiting family, & i can't wait to visit Bristol (and the zoo!) / Thanks to the Mr & his parents, i'm going to have my first facial in a couple of weeks! / Easter!

I hope you all have lots to look forward to too! xo

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