20 February 2011

(Not So) Sunny Sunday

So it's finally time for me head down South for the week! As of tomorrow, i'm taking, what seems like, a gazillion trains (2 trains, and 1 tube change) to Southampton for the week. Not only am i extremely excited that i get to spend the week with my wonderful Mr, but also because now i'm not only thinking of it as where the Mr lives, but also, as of September, where i will be calling home!

Also as of tomorrow (or possibly starting on Tuesday, as i'll be spending most of my day travelling and all i'll want is something yummy and a cuddle when i get down there!) i will be doing, what i like to call, The (South)Hamptons (The Hamptons being an affluent area of Long Island, New York - those of you who were/are avid Gossip Girl readers, like me, will all know about The Hamptons already!) Funnily enough, The Hamptons of Long Island, NY, also has a Southampton! But this is my Southampton, and i can't wait to share my adventure with you! (Just to clarify, i am venturing only to the Southampton on the South Coast of the UK! Not the East end of Long Island!)

As we all know, LFW has swung into town and as i'm not going myself, i thought i'd start checking out some of the Fall '11 designer collections. Three that have really caught my eye are; Jonathan Saunders, House of Holland & Matthew Williamson's Pre Fall Collection. I thought they were all spectacular, showing some fab colour, print and shape - check them out!

I shall next be contacting you from down South, OOH ARR (Said in a 'farmer' accent) Happy Sunday! xo


  1. Hey hun.
    I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the comment that you recently wrote on one of my posts.
    It really meant alot to me. It's always nice to get any comments even if its just a few words but yours completely stuck out and I really really appreciated it.
    Ha, don't be silly of course your a successful blogger and you can now be proud of your five followers.
    Thanks again sweetie.


  2. Have fun in Southampton K - I'm thinking me and you should visit the actual Hamptons and try and crash a scene of GG while we're there - sound good? x


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