18 February 2011

"Size Hero, Not Size Zero"*

After missing Gok's Clothes Roadshow this week, as i was glued to the Brits (and Rihanna's screaming curves!) I caught up with it this gloomy Friday morning. I am often dissappointed by the high street collections showcased by Gok, as they can be over accessorised and sometimes a little OTT (coming from me, that is saying something - as we all know i love a bit of over-the-top as the next person!) But this week, presented from Nottingham, i was blown away by a couple of his put together outfits:


Considering this garment is made, pretty much, entirely from a tartan picnic blanket (apart from the obvious, obviously) This really
wow-ed me! The wrapping, the one shoulder, the leatherette obi style belt and the volume under the skirt, all together, maybe shouldn't work (!) but for some reason, with a little Gok magic, it really, really does. I think it's fabulous and if i had the real imagination, determination and patience to steal my childhood picnic blanket out of my parents' cupboard and make a fashion marvel, like this, maybe i would!


I really wish they'd taken a full length photo of this outfit, because the amazing fringed skirt was just as amazing as the crystal top! Now, i really, really don't have the patience (or time) to sit and apply £300 worth of crystals to this £36 from American Apparel top, but the overall result, i'll think you'll agree is spectacular. Now, i know that unless you're seriously strong willed (either that or completely nuts), i know that no human being is going to sit down and do this, when they could go and splash out on something almost identical, that someone has worked their fingers to the bone to make - but i, really, take some satisfaction in knowing that Gok (well, actually one of his design team) has done this themselves, at a fraction of the price. The fringed skirt, that you can't see, was equally as cool! It was a black leatherette fringed maxi skirt that gave so much movement when walking that it really was just amazing.


This skirt began it's life as an £110 Monsoon tunic. Believe it. I really didn't think i would like the result of this, but actually the final outcome is seriously cool! The volumised hips were purely created by pushing the sleeves of the tunic, in on themselves to create this structured look. This look was made so simply - just turning this pink, floral cardigan around and wearing the buttons on the back (folding the buttons and button holes over to produce a slick, finished line) and pulling the neckline of the cardigan down to fashion a simple, sexy boat-neck, add a piece of leathertte to make a belt, and cover joins, add a gold belt on top - and voila! Truly A-MA-ZING.

After telling you that i'd started reading Gok's autobiography, i have been gripped ever since and only have about a chapter to go. Whether you like Gok, or not, this is a seriously brilliant read. Looking at him today, you would never believe how much he has been through to get to the point he's at. It really puts things into perspective, and makes you think twice about sobbing over loosing your favourite nail polish. Truly inspirational, i highly reccomend it.

* The motto used by the team behind "How To Look Good Naked", including Gok.

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