18 February 2011

Friday Feeling #6

001. I almost forgot about my Friday Feeling again this week! My brain is a complete sieve at the moment, i've actually had to buy myself a journal purely to write my thoughts and lists into (i have to say that if you're forgetful like me, it's extremely handy to have everything in one place!) It's adorable & Cath Kidston, each page is a little different - from strawberries to swallows! I've added myself a little burgandy organza ribbon through the middle and down the spine, into a little bow - customized and very cute! I've taken to writing lists about everything now, every little thought that pops into my head! It's very satisfying - you should all try it!

002. My week has been really constructive, helpful and actually quite perfect (despite me feeling pretty appauling thanks to some anti biotics!) But i guess that without feeling awful, i wouldn't have had the time to work on a few things! One being that i decided i need to alter my, somewhat young, style in my bedroom. I was bored of the clutter, the mess and how things just didn't seem grown up enough (i really must be growing up!) I had lots of beautiful aspects that where hidden behind the things that i had just gotten used to. So, i tidied things up, through away mountains of clutter that i had, rather than thrown away, just decided to get used to. I moved things around, threw things away that i no longer felt a connection to and voila, things are (extremely!) tidy and more my now style! I'm very impressed, when all i did was tidy away what i already had. However, i had a large decroative bowl that took up FAR too much space (it was also made from old magazines, i'm sure one day i'll come to love it again, but for now it just doesn't seem right) so i decided to take it out of my room and put it into storage - but that begged the question, what am i going to do with the things i've been keeping in it!? I'd been homeing my make up wipes, hair paraphernalia and other bits & bobs (which in actual fact didn't need a home as large and vast as my bowl!) So i decided they needed a new home. Lately, i've been looking into buying some tins to house my bits & bobs (food, hair things, jewellery) in my room, when i move to university. I've been lusting over the Emma Bridgewater ones, as i've been a fan forever, so i decided on one of her Union Jack designs. It didn't need to be humongous, just big enough for some bits! And this one was perfect.

003. Something that has also been making me happy this week is the fact my Orchid, that i received for my 18th birthday (she's nearly a year old!), has decided to do a lot of flowering! Orchids are my absolute all time favourite flowers, besides roses, and it always makes me smile when she blooms! My room is the hottest room in the house, and the perfect home for these heat craving plants! She needs little water (which is perfect, because i'm awful at remembering!) but i do try to water, when i can remember! Since moving her in my bedroom re-modelling, she's even more on show than before so i'm even more likely to remember - she looks fab when you walk in my room now!

004. This is turning out to be such a rambley post, but it's been good to just write! In all the time i've had this week, i've been scouring the blogasphere for new and exciting blogs to read. I absolutely adore the ones that i have been an avid reader of for months, but it's always exciting to come across something differerent and something you can relate to! I came across, and fell in love with, A Beautiful Mess, Elsie's quirky style and beautiful details make her a magical and exciting read. The knowledge into her interesting day to day life really made me feel warm and welcomed. I also fell head over heels for Adele Joanna. Her blog style is absolutely adorable, and i took note about the beautiful details and carefully thought out layout (I need as much inspiration as i can get, as i've asked my incredibly talented web design Mr to do a little something for Legs Eleven! Watch this space!) You must also get on down to Ellieand , she's absolutely gorgeous and her style of writing is after my own heart! An Alien World is one i've been following for a while, but i don't think i've ever mentioned. Alice's sheer passion, excitement and love for her own name (!) keep me coming back for more, you really must check her out!

005. Talking of blog layouts, like i said i've asked my talented Mr to design something special and original for Legs Eleven, as she's been growing with confidence since day one and becoming sort of like my virtual baby, so i think it's about time i reward her for her achievements (After months of having 0 followers, she now has 4 - which is a milestone and proud achievement for me, as i thought i was writing to noone!) If you ever need a website designed, some graphic design work done or some marketing in the right places, you should head straight on down to Banana Business. A business founded by my fabulous Mr, Jonny , and his brother, Paul; specialising in a professional approach to all things web. Check out their website for their portfolio and to see the amazing results produced for some very happy clientele; when they something nothing is too big, they really mean it! Supported by very talented designers (including my Mr!) and marketers, they'll do their very best to come up with something you're happy with. I really havn't done them justice, so you're just going to have to check them out, and find out for yourselves!


  1. Thank-you for the mention, it means a lot :)
    I was thinking as I was reading how much I adore both Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater.

    I am always shifting stuff about in my room, de-cluttering and what not. I must admit I once was very girl, pink decor and gimmicks, but now I am a little older I can appreciate a more simplistic look, if that makes sense.

    And as for the bowl, definitely keep it, because one day it might make a reappearance in a different home/room and look fabulous x

  2. love this post!


  3. me encanta tu blog!! las fotos son muy bonitas!!


  4. I have that Cath diary but I haven't used it yet. My friends bought if for me to take travelling but another friend had already given me a travel journal before so I'm keeping this one for my next adventures. Love the union jack tin and flowers are soooo pretty

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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