15 February 2011

Beautifully Skeletal!

Jeggings: Next Tall / Black Top: Primark / White Top: New Look

I wanted this top as soon as i saw it! It's such a beautiful piece, and i find it really easy to wear. It can just be thrown over a casual top to liven an outfit up, or worn over a bodycon skirt to create a sophisticated evening look. It has an odd deisgn to it, as i feel although it has it's beauty and ornate style, it also has quite a fierce edgy feel - beautifully skeletal! Seeing as all i'm doing today is getting bits ready for my adventures next week, doing some initial research for my FMP and later helping my mum with the Tesco shop - i thought this would be comfy but cool!

After receiving it as a lovely Christmas gift, i have finally gotten around to reading Gok Wan's Autobiography "Through Thick and Thin". I'm only on chapter four, so far, but i really have to say that it's a brilliant read. I wasn't holding out much hope, as i'm not really an autobiography reader and have been dissappointed by them before, but i'm only on chapter four and i feel as though i've taken every step of his journey with him. I feel as though i was an on-looker of young Kowkhyn's (Gok for short) life. Through his chatty style, descriptive writing and quirky additions, i would definitely reccomend this - especially to Wan fans!

I hope you're all having a productive week. Any surprises or exciting occurances in your week?

p.s. look what i found through my letterbox this morning! <3

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  1. I hope that's from Johnny!!
    Love the top K :)


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