3 February 2011

Plaits & Frills,

I woke up this morning really awake and actually looking forward to college - This is unheard of! Well, i say looking forward to college.. when actually i mean, i was looking forward to spending the day giggling with my girlies - Jess Long, Lisa Barnett & Sam Eagling actually make college worth getting up for! AS I KEEP DRILLING INTO YOU, i also have a huge mountain of work to do - so it was good to get on with that with absolutely no distractions (like writing my blog...) However, i digress; waking up in such a sunny mood - to actually match the weather for once (hello spring!) I decided to wear something a little more interesting today, to match my mood:

Dress: H&M Via Sale / Top (Underneath): Primark / Cardigan: H&M / Belt: New Look / Leggings: Next

I absolutely love the way this dress makes me feel! It's not something i would normally pick up but i was feeling adventurous and hopeful for the new year, and i was pleasantly suprised on the outcome! The denim is so light and so soft - making it incredibly comfortable, and i am loyal fan to comfy dresses! It's so easy to wear, which is fab - especially for college, and it'll be easy to wear through the year. I really like the long sleeve top undernearth, layering is a constant favourite of mine and i think the green and tones of blue work really nicely together. The frills would normally be too girly for me, as i like an edge to my clothing but with this dress - it just works, and i love it and i loveeeeeee pockets!

I have just been told today that my pathway review is a week tomorrow and i have an entire maxi skirt to make before then, so i really should get a wiggle on! I hope you're all having a productive week!

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  1. love the stripey cardigan. also adore your hair, very sweet.




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