24 December 2010


Seeing as i'm not spending christmas day with the mr, due to family ties for both of us, we had our christmas present opening on Wednesday.

Now, my mr isn't exactly the best at present ideas (seeing as i had to come up with the majority of our present ideas, for our families!) but this year he really out did himself! Other than the three beautiful letters he wrote me, and gave to me at three spots that mean a lot to both of us (the river, our tree & at home) - this may not seem like a very exciting christmas present to many of you, but to me this ment the entire world. He's not the world's best writter, nor very good at getting out emotion, so these were truly very special to me, and i'll treasure them forever. Not only did he write me these, but he also bought me this:

Lauren Conrad's book: Style.

Now, i have always been an avid LC fan, and also a complete book worm, but this made me fall in love with her all over again. I've followed her from Laguna Beach, through The Hills and beyond - and this has just topped it all off. Now, i've read my far share of books (so my acheing bookcase would tell you) but i'm going to make a bold statement and say -

that this is my most favourite book, i've ever read.

It combines my absolute love of fashion and style, and is written in a beautiful mix of chatty and helpful. Without sounding very arrogant, the writing style reminds me very much of myself. I'm unsure if it's because she writes with a similar style to mine, or if it's because she sort of reminds me, well, of me! Either way, i've already read it once and am starting on it again! It gave me the boost i've been waiting for, to have an extreme, and brutal, clear out of eveyrthing i own - from clothes to shoes, from tights to nail polish! Now i've read every one of Gok Wan's books, and i'm in love with him as much as the next person, but his books never showed me the passion i was looking for. Until i found this book, i was waiting for that passion.

(I also thought i'd show you a sneak peek at what i bought for the mr!)

That would be 2kg of jellybelly jellybeans! A little extreme, maybe, but he loved it and i'm very pleased with myself!

I hope you all have a merry little christmas, and a cracking new year!

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