16 November 2010

Popped the Question!

So, it's about time that Prince William got down on one knee and popped that all important question! Apparently, he did it last month on a personal trip to Kenya, and they've kept it quiet ever since! Well, i for one want to see that rock that Wills has presented to Kate! I've heard it's the ring that was given to Diana?! But i, personally, havn't seen that ring, so whatever it looks like - i'm dying to see!

BUT, the real question is.. Who's going to design the wedding dress!?!?

I don't know, but what i do know is that it's going to be nothing like Diana's disaster! It was designed by David Emanuel, but it was huuuge and creased terribly!

I don't think that Kate would ever think of having anything like that, but i don't think the royals would let her have anything too simple, and go under the radar, either! Personally, i think she would look devine in a simple, but extravagent gown, maybe a Vera Wang or maybe something a little more interesting but equally as elegant - an Oscar De La Renta, (his fall 2011 collection is gorgeous! Check it out Here)

(Via Google)
(In white, obviously!)

(Via Oscardelarenta.com)

I just hope that the royals give them enough room for Kate to decide how she wants her special day!

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