28 November 2010

Jonny Says Relax!

It has been brought to my attention that my blog name also happens to be a strip club in Birmingham? I'd just like to point out that i had no idea about that and that my name has no link WHAT SO EVER to said club!
Moving on! I hate that i havn't blogged for so long, but my recent schedule has been keeping me pretty busy!

I spent my weekend in Southampton, with Jonny, my lovely Mr, and attended a very exciting taster day at Southampton Solent University, as part of my university decision making!

On the morning of Monday 22nd November, i was so SO nervous about the taster course, and i have no idea why as i fell in love with Southampton and Sarah/Suzanne (the course leaders) when i previously visited on an open day! BUT, the Mr can tell you that i was awfully quiet which is my way of dealing with nerves. ON TOP OF THIS, i had to work the Southampton buses all by myself! I was so scared, seeing as i had never been on a bus on my own before.
That's right, i've never been on a bus on my own!

But i made it! And saw where all the other students were waiting, and sat next to a girl with bubblegum pink hair! I later found out her name was called Emma, but it was quite obvious at first meeting that we were both too nervous to ask for each other's name! I spent my morning with her, and sat with her in the lecture - which was a new experience for me - and we sort of clung to each other, for support.
Our next task was a piece of writing, and emma, and i, got split (not exactly sure why) but we did, and i ended up sitting next to a lovely girl called Laura, we just seemed to click! Our task was on pairs, one person was the journalist and the other could chose to be either Alexandra Schulman (Editor of Vogue UK), Lucy Yeomans (Editor of Harper's Bazaar) or Jefferson Hack (Editor of Dazed & Confused). Between us, we decided that i would be the journalist and Laura chose to be Alexandra Schulman. The journalist's role was to ask questions and type as fast as possible the other persons true or made up answers. So, we had a little time to read up on our icon, and could refer back to the internet. I found out that it's very hard to type, listen and do it quickly! But it was a fun task, we swapped over so Laura was the journalist and then Sarah stopped us. She gave us about twenty minutes to start making our notes into a piece in the style of A Life In The Day (A column in The Times) & i'm actually pretty happy with how mine turned out:

Kathryn Adams

A Life In The Day: Alexandra Schulman

Editor of Vogue UK for 16 years; Named one of the most powerful women in fashion, a working mother and an outwardly strong and passionate, modern day woman.

Spending time with my son is something I wish I could do all day, every day but it isn’t practical or realistic. My very early mornings are swamped with preparing for the difficult questions and problems of the long day ahead; as well as juggling spending time with my son, before he goes to school.

After growing up in such a creative, and hard-working, family, my mother being a journalist/editor and my father a critic, it may have seemed like my only option was this path – but it was also the only one that felt right.

Being the editor of Vogue for 16 years is something that I am proud to brag, and boast, about, as I believe it’s an honour and a privilege. Despite the pressures of such a high-powered job, I feel like a free spirit. I spend my life feeling 25, wafting around in second-hand cocktail dresses, when in reality I’m just your average 47-year-old businesswoman.

I lead an exciting, fast paced life – it’s fabulous bus I’m fed up of anorexia, drug abuse and every other teenage related issue being pinned on me, and my magazine. I really wish that models were a bit bigger because then I wouldn't have to deal with this the whole time. There is pressure on them to stay thin, and I'm always talking to the designers about it, asking why they can't just be a bit closer to a real woman's physique in terms of their ideal, but they're not going to do it. Clothes look better to all of our eyes on people who are thinner. I have written to designers to draw their attention to the situation calling for larger sized samples to be produced, but alas, my plead just seems to fall on deaf ears. We’re so stuck in a rut, it’s hard to change how we think things should look, and be.

“Anti Fashion” is spreading, globally, and is becoming a ridiculous issue. Our industry is all about expression, it’s supposed to be a lift in our day-to-day lives. With my job, I am expected to be obsessed with retail and all the latest trends but I think i’m just a real sucker for that feeling that your world can change because of something you’ve bought, whether it’s not in the shops yet or vintage.
I have one of the most high-power, high-pressure jobs; add single mother to my job description and things can get pretty hectic. Despite being criticized and scrutinized every day of my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After lunch we spent about an hour getting to grips with Indesign and re creating the Cosmopolitan christmas gift guide front (which i can't find a picture of at the moment!) I really enjoyed it, i find photoshop a nightmare! (Fortunately, the Mr is a dab hand at using photoshop and just about every other complicated computer software, So he's going to teach me a thing or two!) It was good to learn something new! To round of the day we just had a Q&A session with Sarah and some current students, who all seemed lovely and i think i can safetly say i love Southampton!

Other highlights of my weekend include this:

The scrummy roast the Mr made me on Sunday night! Yummmmm.

I have to say, that my Mr is also a dab hand in the kitchen! Considering he's a student he feeds & looks after me very well! We had stir fry as well! But for our final night, i bought us a takeaway, yummm. It's just rubbish he's so far away!

& Finally seeing my gorgeous Mr's new glasses! Also Yummmmm.

All in all i had a fabulous weekend! It's making me more & more excited about my future, hurry up present - i've got lots to look forward to!

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