10 December 2010

Legs Eleven!

I pre apologise for the awful quality of photo, and lighting, as i had to take it in a rush before college & when i get up there's no natural light yet!

This is my first outfit post, which is very exciting! I've wanted to wait to do some outfit posting as recently college has been so messy and SO cold that i've definitely been dressing more for warmth and to protect my beautiful clothes! However, at college today we were doing a photoshoot of our work, so i was safe in the knowledge that i wouldn't be getting messy!

Tunic (worn as top): Topshop / Skirt: Topshop / Leggings: Next

These simple, black leggings are PURRRfect for me as they're from the lovely next TALL range! As a rather tall lady, i find it difficult to find trousers/leggings that are long enough for my fabulously long legs! After casting aside topshop, new look and dorothy perkins leggings, i finally landed on this perfect pair. They're soft, they're stretchy and what's even better is that (so far) they don't go baggy at the knee, which i have found in most other leggings! That is my pet peeve and i'm glad i've finally landed on these to keep my legs nice and cosy this winter! (However, i am wearing a pair of gorgeously warm tesco tights underneath, as it's particularly nippy at college!)

For any others of you long legged beautys out there, i seem to have tried and tested a whole lot of long items in my time, and here is my quick summary!

Despite being, a lot of the time, out of my price range and being pretty pricey (for highstreet) at a purse draining £40 a pair, Topshop jeans are my favourite of favourites. They're soft and cosy, and they keep they're fabulous shape. Whether they're flared or skinny, my ultra fave being super skinny, these jeans are the best! If you're desperate for that new pair of jeans and are flagging a bit in the bank balance, this month, they take a look at Dorothy Perkins jeans, they're not as well fitting as others, i've found, but ranging from £12 (in the sale) and £20 otherwise, to about £30, they're worth the money. I've found they're well made and the denim is always at a very good quality. I am also an avid wear-er of leggings, and also jeggings (jean leggings), (i know a lot of peole think they're a complete fashion faux pas but i find them comfortable, stylish (when dressed well) and flattering for my long, slim frame.) and as i said above, i have found that Next have fabulous both leggings and jeggings. I am always on the hunt for new Tall collections and am interested in any suggestions you may have!

Where are your favourite collections? Or are you petite and have some favourite petite ranges you'd like to share? I'm always interested!

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