28 May 2016

The Easitest DIY: Lights in a Jar

Now I am not a do-it-yourself kind of gal. I can't change a tyre, I can't put up a picture, heck I can't even iron. So when it comes to DIY's I need things that are simple, but effective.

I'd seen this one floating around Pinterest and other blogs, and frankly I'm not even sure I can refer to this as a DIY it's so easy but I really did do it myself, so we'll go with it. Around Christimastime I am all about being festive and decorating my room; I get out the glitter, the holly and the fairy lights. I usually string up a some multicoloured fairy lights around the perimeter of my room for the ultimate in Christmas festivities but this year I thought i'd try something else too.

So I bought this Ribbed Cookie Jar from John Lewis and I purchased the battery operated fairy lights from a company I had never heard of before but actually am now in love with you. Lights4Fun do all the lights you could ever imagine you wanted in your home, and then some. They have your bog-standard fairy lights, they have light-up stars, retro hollywood bulbs and everything in between. I'd seen the ones I decided to use on a lot of blogs in the copper style and thought about going for that colour but eventually decided that I wanted the lights to do the talking so went for the silver instead. 

I chose the White LED Micro Battery Fairy Lights which are on a wire, unlike your traditional fairy lights but that is important to mention. If you're considering making one of these you need to get the lights on wire otherwise they'll all just sink to the bottom - unless that is the look you're going for.

I love my little light-jar now, it's so pretty and when it's becoming dusk it acts as somewhat of a nightlight. If you had children this would be a really cheap but lovely way to make them a nightlight for their bedroom. By using the ribbed jar it actually cascades some pretty patterns on the wall it sits next to too. Either way, it's been a lovely addition to my little home and actually looks very pretty even when it's not all lit up.


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