7 May 2016

I Turned 24, So I Got a Lava Lamp

On April 3rd I turned 24 years old which, i suppose, means that i'm becoming a grown up, if not already am one. Frankly, I don't like the thought of that and am in total denial about everything that comes along with it. Although what gets me even worse is that in one, short year i will be hitting the next milestone age. 25 in less than a year, now that is scary. Anyway, so what does one ask for on their 24th birthday? Perhaps something practical like a hairdryer or a frying pan? Something useful maybe like a lunchbox for work, or some new bedding - which i actually did get? Actually, this year I asked for a lava lamp.

Yes, a lava lamp - none other than the nineties classic. They were all the rage when I was at school, I actually even owned one at the time and can remember it clear as day. It was a silver base, and top, with clear liquid and hot red lava bubbling up inside. It was absolutely one of my favourite possessions at the time, and many times since then have I thought about it, wondering at what age i decided that it wasn't 'cool enough' to grace the four walls of my bedroom anymore. I actually cannot remember the time between it sitting atop my bedside table and it no longer being there. Anyway, i really did think it was the bee's knees, so much so obviously that i chose to request one for my birthday.

Luckily, now, i work in a national department store called John Lewis, just incase you haven't heard of it, and we happen to sell a few lava lamps. I must say there was a glitter lamp that seriously caught my attention but, honestly, I felt like I should really go for the classic but this time with a twist. The one I got for my birthday is the John Lewis Rainbow Lava Lamp and i wasn't really sure how that was going to work when I ordered it. I had visions of it getting tossed around in the courier and ending up being a mixd up mess by the time it got here, but actually it's the glass that's coloured. I thought that would be a bit rubbish when I realised, honestly, but it really isn't. It's so, so effective when it's bubbling away. You can watch them going up and down, turning from red to blue and back again. I actually find it very therapeutic actually, and honestly I just think they're a nice, quirky edition to home decor. I also think they'd be amazing for children's night lights, not that I have any need for that but it's not super bright, it just glows which is very comforting.

Honestly, if you've never had one I would highly recommend picking one up, because they're just pretty cool. They're only £25 from John Lewis and if not for you then they'd make a really cool gift too.


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