14 May 2016

Getting Summer Ready

Up until a couple of years ago I never really got the fad of exfoliating and moisturising your body to within an inch of it's life. Now when it comes to my face, I do everything in my power to look after my skin whether it be serums, scrubs, oils, moisturiser, the lot but i probably did neglect my body somewhat.  Now, however, it is a whole new story.

Now, it definitely happens more in the Spring and Summer than the other seasons, because frankly who's going to see it the other six months of the year? But there is little I love more than having a full-on pamper session with body scrubs, moisturisers, shaving my legs, face masks, the whole shebang. I remember posting on Instagram years ago when I discovered the Vaseline Spray on Moisturiser and saying that i would never use anything else, and i really do still love that product. However, since then I have discovered a new product that I feel as though I literally cannot live without, dramatic I know. The Garnier Intensive 7 Day Daily Body Lotion is my new obsession when it comes to moisturisation. I buy the one directed at very dry skin, although the skin on my body is probably only moderately dry but this one just leaves me feeling ultra soft, smooth and hydrated. I love what it does for the texture and feel of my skin, and another definite plus is that it leaves me feeling soft for days. Although it imparts intense hydration it is not a really thick formula, not at all like the Body Shop Body Butters but more of just your usual body lotion consistency. However, it feels as though you've used an insanely rich product. How I love to use this product is to slather it on before bed and let it soak in all night. It also has a lovely smell, very natural and almost spa like. It really works a treat and I cannot harp on about how much I love this product enough.

When it also comes to the Summer months there is one thing I cannot bare but that, frankly, needs doing and needs doing far more often this time of year than any other. That would be shaving, and any girl who says they enjoy performing this task is most definitely lying. I love the results, don't get me wrong, but spending that extra ten minutes in the bath shaving my legs is not how I would like to be spending my time. Anyway, I like to make things as quick and easy as possible and my favourite combination, of pretty much all time, is the Gilette Satin Care Pure and Delicate Shaving Gel paired with the Gilette Venus Embrace Sensitive Women's Disposable Razors. I actually wrote a post about this combo last Summer and honestly nothing has changed, I still love them both and am able to shave with minimal irritation and resulting in a really close shave.


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