16 April 2016

Dior's Illuminating Powder in Glowing Pink

I have loved make-up for a very long time but really only over the last couple of years have a really gotten into it; improving my application technique, buying high end and branching out into new products. I'm not quite at the blush and bronzer stage yet, i just feel too pale for all that, but my most recent obsession is definitely highlighter. There is so many different shades out there, different ways to apply it and it just looks so beautiful. I love that you can either go in pretty heavy handed, ending up looking like a disco ball, or just add a touch for some glow.

The one i've acquired most recently is the Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens Illuminating Powder in Glowing Pink. Now, when i went to find a link for this it's not showing availability anywhere online so i hope that doesn't meant it was a limited thing or that it's been discontinued already because i will definitely be repurchasing after i've used it up, i love it that much. I bought it on the Dior counter at work - i work in a branch of John Lewis - so hopefully it'll still be available to buy on counter.

Anyway, when i swatched this product i instantly knew i had to have it. It's the most beautiful glistening, icey pink colour that can be blended out into just a touch of shimmer or layered up for some serious glamour. The packaging is also beautiful as it comes in a lovely navy, velvet pouch embossed with the Christian Dior logo and inside you have the beautiful, almost quilted, mirrored container with the product inside.

Now, firstly i really wish i'd photographed this before i started using it because it looked absolutely beautiful as it had embossed flowers and and the Christian Dior logo. As you can see, anyway, it's a beautiful icey pink shade but one thing i would say is that it does look really finely milled, however i find when i get my brush in there i really have to get in there and wipe my brush around to get product on the brush. However, i love how it looks too much to let that stop me because it really is an absolutely beautiful product.

As you can see, it really is just super shimmery and so pretty. I usually run it along the tops of my cheek bones, up to my temples and i also usually use it as a brow bone highlight and to blend my eyeshadow too. I also love that i can apply it and then blend it out for a much more subtle glow or i can pack it on and really pump up the glam.

If you can get your hands on it then i highly recommend you give this a go, especially if you're pale skinned, like me, because a lot of highlighters are a bit too dark for me. So even if you can, give it a swatch. It won't be for everyone but it is certainly for me.


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