20 February 2016

My Not-So-Favourite US Beauty Buys

As promised here is my not-so-favourite american beauty buys post and, as i said, i think there will be products in here that maybe you wouldn't expect me to not like. Anyway, i may as well just hop on in and share my thoughts with you.

Firstly, and probably most surprisingly, is the big, old, Marc Jacobs-sized elephant in the room, otherwise known as the Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con Eyeshadow Palette in 204 The Starlet. I was absolutely dying to buy one of these and, don't get me wrong, it is beautiful but it's just not as amazing as i was expecting. The shadows are super finely milled and very soft but i'm not that impressed with the pigmentation, i'm not sure if it's because they're so metallic but they're very shimmery but with not much colour pay-off. I was really hoping that colours such as the khaki green or the orangey shade would look beautiful in the crease, and they're great when swatched but when applied on the eye they just seem to blend into nothing. I think maybe i need to try washing them all over the lid or perhaps trying them with some matte shades, rather than together.

Another eyeshadow palette that didn't live up to my expectations, especially after falling in love with another one that i mentioned in my US products i loved post, is the Limited Edition Lorac PRO Metal Palette. This actually ended up being very similar to the Marc Jacobs palette in that the shadows are super blendable, which almost makes it their problem as they're so metallic they just blend into nothing. They seriously lack in pigmentation and maybe they just don't work for me, or the look that they create is not for me because i'm no saying that the quality of the eyeshadows is bad, it's just the selection of metallic colours.

Yet another eyeshadow that i bought on a total whim, as i'd heard so much about the brand but i just wasn't sure where to start, is the Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Thunderstruck which, in the pan, looks white. However, when i swatched it in Sephora it turned into this beautiful duo-chrome, white, golden, silver, shimmering shade unlike anything i'd ever seen before. However, when i got it home and applied it to my eyelids it just went blotchy and uneven, and i'm just not sure the shade suited me either. I would love to try out some other Kat Von D products because people love them but this one just wasn't for me.

Last eyeshadow, i promise, is the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Pasiphae which is a shade i bought almost on impulse. I knew i wanted to try one of the Dual Intensity eyeshadows and decided i should go for something unlike anything else i have and this one really fit the bill. In the pan it looks like a green/gold/grey duochrome so i suppose i should have expected it to be pretty dark but i wanted something i could put all over the lid. This just came out way darker than i was expecting and when applied, although it is still a duochrome it's just not as impressive on the lids.

The last product to share with you is a lip scrub as, at the time, i was having a lot of flaky lip problems. This one is by Fresh and is their Sugar Lip Polish, i just found that it didn't do all that much. Maybe it's just me but i found that this didn't really do all that much to smooth out my lips. I was expecting to have super smooth lips after using it but sadly, not so much. Again, maybe the condition of my lips wasn't right for this product but i just hoped for better.


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