27 February 2016

The Boots for Skinny-Ankled People

I've probably explained before but i have long but very skinny feet, i wear about a 7 and a half but usually take 8s with innersoles, so have never been able to wear usual ballet flats or chelsea boots. I've had to stick to shoes with an ankle strap or a T-bar and lace up boots otherwise my feet just slip out and that's not fun for anyone. Since working at John Lewis i've had a lot of brands available to me that i've either never heard of before or never been able to afford, or try. Thanks to my discount i've been fortunate enough to buy things that i couldn't before, some i've hated but others have become staples in my life and Carvela is one of those brands.

The Kurt Geiger family, which includes Kurt Geiger London, Carvela, KG by Kurt Geiger and Miss KG, are all brands we stock at John Lewis both online and in-store, and frankly they're pretty pricey. When it started to become Autumn last year i realised that i really lacked in boots for the Winter, and was sick of wearing my ugly lace ups. So, browsing the John Lewis website brought me to a lot of new boot brands including Dune, H by Hudson, Steve Madden and John Lewis' own line called Kin. I ordered a few, went into stores to try them on but they were all just too big around my ankle making it impossible to not only walk in them but even keep them on. It wasn't until i fell in love with a pair of Carvela boots that i really looked at the brand because the price was putting me off. Unfortunately by the time i came to wanting them they'd sold out online and in-store, so then i found this pair;

The Carvela Tag Block Heeled Ankle Boots in Black Leather, i tried them on in-store and just fell in love. They're smart without being too dressy and i can wear them with anything from jeans to dresses. The amazing thing is that when i put them on they fit my ankle so well. The main issue i had was that the front of the boot never ran up the front of my foot, there was a huge gap which then made the ankle too big but these fit me like a glove. The feel isn't too high but makes me feel extra sassy when i walk, they're very comfortable and i love the gold hard wear.

These ones are the Carvela Splash Chelsea Ankle Boots in Black Leather, and this is the pair that my parents bought me for Christmas. I am still amazed that i can wear a pull on pair of chelsea boots without them feeling too big or falling off, and the novelty has definitely not worn off yet. I love the different textures of leather on this pair that really makes them a little more special than your average black boot. I also really like the triangular toe which usually isn't my thing, but again it just makes them that little bit different which i really like. Again, they're really comfortable but i would say that if you have wider feet then the pointed toe might pinch a little as my feet fit almost perfectly but, as i explained, they're abnormally thin.

Lastly is the Carvela Slow Leather Chelsea Boots in Wine Leather, which is what i spent my Christmas money and John Lewis gift cards on. They're the most expensive pair i've owned yet but they're definitely my most worn. I often end up wearing a lot of plain outfits and a lot of black or grey, and these just jazz up any outfit. Again, they're smart without being dressy but i can wear them with a dress or jeans and they look great with it all. They also do come in Tan but i just loved that these were a bit different.

Well, there you have it; my Carvela story. I'm so glad i found these boots, and i feel like i won't be buying any new boots for a long time. They're all leather and beautifully made, and will hopefully last me a very long time. So, if you're like me and own a pair of very skinny ankles then definitely give these a try!


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