13 February 2016

My Fitness Journey

I know, i know that everyone seems to want to loose weight and get into fitness in the new year but i have been wanting to sort out my eating habits and get into some sort of fitness for a long time, the new year just gave me the kick up the butt i needed. Now, don't get me wrong, i am not becoming a gym bunny and i am not giving up hours of my week to work out, it's not like that for me because if i did that i would not keep it up and this time i really want to make some changes. I decided that i more just needed to make some healthier choices in my life, make a few changes and that way, hopefully, i can keep it up. I'm not going on any crash diets, i'm just changing the way i look at food, how much i'm taking in and what i'm eating.

At work we have an amazing canteen that makes wonderful food for even better prices, but usually the food is very carb heavy, and often there isn't much that i like vegetable wise or otherwise, so i end up eating pizza, or pasta, or potatoes, which does me absolutely no favours. After eating a huge, carb-ladened portion for lunch i then came home to eat a hot, often carby dinner too and although i'm not huge, it's definitely not doing anything for the pooch i'm trying to loose, you know what i'm talking about. So, i now take my lunch to work with me and go for something like a ham and salad wrap, or a chicken salad, or brown rice with grapes, banana chips, sometimes a bit of popcorn and although i was worried it would leave me feeling hungry, it really hasn't. It's just shown how much i really didn't need the heavy lunches at work. Although i'm still having a home-cooked dinner when i get home, my mum and i have made the choice to take out pretty much all carbs for dinner and just eat meat and veg, with a few sweet potatoes thrown in. As i said, these are all easy changes and things that are easy to keep up as they're easily fitting into my current routine.

As for working out, as i said, i ain't no gym bunny but i have wanted to introduce some sort of activity into my life. I have participated in fitness classes before but my confidence is pretty low in that respect, so i've decided to start things at home and hopefully work my way up to being comfortable enough to attend some fitness classes. I'm currently doing a lot of home workouts from the amazing Cassey Ho, otherwise known as Blogilates on Youtube. She has all sorts of workouts from short to long, from Abs to legs and full body, honestly they're just so easy to watch and do at home and really easy to keep up with. Alongside that, as i said, my stomach is my least favourite area so i'm trying do sit ups every night, increasing in how many i do every week.

These may all sound like simple changes but that's what i'm going for. I want this to be an easy transition and not anything mad or huge which is going to make it hard to stick to. Just by making these few simple changes has already helped me loose some weight; since i started this in the middle of January i've already lost just over half a stone which is honestly amazing. I'm not sure if i can see that i've lost it, but just seeing the number on the scale is enough to keep me going.


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