26 September 2015

Current Favourites: September

I really enjoy hearing about people's favourites, so i thought it about time to do another favourites post of my own. This time, however, it's not all about the products; i thought i'd share with you just some of my random favourites. If there are any other favourites you'd like to hear about, please do share! How many times can i say favourites?! Now, lets get on with the post;

Nail Polish | This little beauty is what i chose as my holiday colour, this year. Usually i opt for Models Own's Champagne but i just don't love the texture anymore, it was thick and gloopy and never lasted very long. So, when i found this whilst scrolling through China Glaze's collections i thought i'd give it a go, and i love it. It's slightly more silver toned than champagne but it's so intensely shimmery and stays on for so long. What i do love most is how quickly it dries, that is one of my number one qualities in nail polish because noone has time to sit and wait for it to dry.

Eyeshadow | I have been using Sin so often in my eye looks, lately, and it's definitely the most used shade in my Naked Palette. It's just the perfect champagne, natural base for me as it's fairly similar to my skin tone just intensely shimmery. Urban Decay eyeshadows are one of my favourite products; they last all day, they're creamy and blendable, plus they come in every colour under the sun. I love wearing Sin on it's own or as a base to add a pop of colour in the outer corner. My favourites for that at the moment are MAC's Cranberry, Mildew or ACDC by Urban Decay.

Song | I had never heard of the original song until i heard this cover on youtube. I've listened to and downloaded a lot of Landon Austin's covers before, and i really love his country vibe. So, when i heard this one it was right up my alley, it's catchy and i love singing it in my car. I do really like to support youtubers, where i can, and often download their cover over the original, and in this case i much preferred the cover to the original. This is the perfect song to singalong to in my car, when i'm driving home from work.

Place | This always has been and always will be my favourite place on earth. I've only just got back and i miss it already. I know it sounds so corny and cliche, but there is just something so magical about Disney World. I've loved visiting as a child, and now as an adult, with my parents and i really look forward to the future when i can make some new memories, hopefully with, perhaps, friends or a partner. I feel like every child should get the chance to visit once, because it's the place where dreams come true. Plus, this is definitely the best Disney park - way better than California and Paris, any day.

Book | Another Disney related answer next; i have read all of the Kingdom Keepers series, as i found it in Disney World. I'm just working on the last book now, which in my opinion isn't as good as the rest as it's set in Disneyland, California, but i have loved investing my time, thoughts and emotions into the characters in this series. I don't know many people who wouldn't want to spend time inside the Disney World parks, after hours, and fight evil with good to save everything that Disney stands for. Maybe that's just me, but if you're a Disney World fan or into sci-fi, alternate reality, somewhat dramatic books - which is totally not my usual thing, but they're written so well and you really invest in the characters and the scenery is, obviously, amazing - then i recommend giving these a read.

Food | Cheese. I have always loved cheese, don't get me wrong, but lately i cannot get enough of Feta, especially. On salads, spaghetti hoops on toast, just on toast alone, pasta, anything. It's just so yummy, and Halloumi is perfect for the Summer months; on salads or alone, and its great on the barbecue -  i love mine grilled too.

Shop | I love Sephora; maybe because it's not so attainable here but it stocks so many brands i'd love to try. So shopping there in America was like the mothership calling me home. In the UK, Space NK kind of has that feel for me. It stocks so many brands that i've never heard of and i love trying new things.

So, there you have it; my current, random favourites. Feel free to share yours with me, in the comments, i'd love to know.


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