8 August 2015

OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

I actually wrote a post about the OPI Original Nail Envy in 2012 after buying it in America for the first time. So, i thought i'd revisit it since i've been buying it ever since and it's one of my absolute favourite products.

I actually paint my nails with this more than i paint my nails with colour because, especially during the Winter, my nails are prone to breaking, splitting and peeling. So, i like to use this a few times a week to help keep them strong and growing as i do like to paint my nails for special occasions, like Christmas. During the Summer i use it for a few weeks if my nails are bad, to give them a break and a chance to grow so i can continue painting them.

You really can see results from this after only a week, it visibly makes my nails grow and become stronger. It suggests that you paint on two coats, and then paint a new coat on every other day, removing it completely after a week and starting again. However, i tend to wear it for 4-7 days, depending on what time i have, and then removing and completely re-painting and it works for me. I honestly just think if you add this in to your nail care routine you will see growth results. I highly recommend it!


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