18 July 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet & Aqua Lacque

These are something i've had in my collection for such a long time, but just never got around to talking about. Bourjois is a brand that i have really never been interested in, i know very little about it or it's products and it's just never been something i look at while i'm browsing in Boots. It got on my radar probably a year or two ago when it had a major birthday and they reproduced their famous Poudre de Riz de Java or their Loose Rice Powder. Since then, the liquid lipstick products have been a huge trend and nothing really excited me until i saw the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets.

This was the first shade from the Rouge Edition Velvets that i picked up, and it's right up my street. 07 Nude-ist is a mid-toned, pink-based nude shade and goes with all sorts of make up looks. I am not usually a matte lipstick kinda girl - i hate how dry they are, i hate how they highlight every dry patch and sit in all the lines of your lips and they usually drag on my lips to apply too. However, this little beauty is a dream to work with. It glides on so easily, doesn't bleed, and is so easy to get neat lines around the mouth. It doesn't set too quickly so you've got time to get it as opaque as you want it, although it's pretty solid with one swipe. However, when it does set it's not at all uncomfortable and doesn't dry out your lips either. You can move your mouth without any cracking or flacking, plus you can eat and drink with little movement - but you will need to reapply after excessive eating and drinking. Honestly, it's just so lovely to wear and it comes in plenty of gorgeous colours from brights to nudes.

The newest is the the Rouge Edition Aqua Laques which, i must say, i don't love as much as the originals. For starters, this doesn't come in as many colours and they're honestly all fairly similar. They're all of the pink toned family and don't offer all that much to as broad a range of people. Now, to begin with i don't love the texture. These are very liquidy and i know they have aqua in their name, but it does make the application process a little more difficult to apply than their matte counterparts. These also have a weird chemical smell to them that does go away but it's just not all that pleasant applying to your face. When you rub your lips together too, i just don't love how they feel. These are really, super glossy however if that's something that you're into then these are perfect. Although these aren't quite up my street they are if you're a gloss wearer as they have more impact than a gloss but i'm not sure if they'll last as long as the matte option.


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