15 July 2015

All About The Base: L'Oreal True Match Foundation

I have heard about the L'Oreal True Match Foundation for such a long time, and it's one of those products that is kind of known as a cult blogger product. Everyone's tried it and, usually, loved it but i was just never that into foundation so i never bothered to try it. So, when i finally decided it was time to switch things up this was one of my first port of calls. What i love most about this foundation is it's colour options. It comes in three ranges: W, C and N. For all you warm toned girls W is for you, cooler tones should go for C and what drew me right in was that they had a range for neutral girls which is N. As you can see, N1 is my shade and it really is neutral which is amazing as most foundations, high end and high street, tend to lean to either pink or yellow. Something else i love about L'Oreal, as a brand, is their quality. Their packaging is lovely, for example this comes in a lovely glass bottle with a silver pump which looks lovely, and their price range is amazing too.

Here we go for our last before and after shots for this series, and what i love is that you really can't see a huge difference.

N1 is the perfect colour match for me, as you can see my skintone is evened out and most of my smaller blemishes covered. Anything more hardcore i'd go back in and cover with a heavier concealer, but for the purposes of the review you can see what it does and doesn't cover on it's own. Honestly though, it covers quite a lot. It has lovely medium coverage, it's fairly liquidy so easy to apply all over the place, it glides on smoothly and somewhat sets, without hardening or becoming uncomfortable, into a semi-matte finish. I just love how light it is, as it really doesn't feel like you're wearing anything, but you still get that decent medium coverage.

Some of the qualities that this foundation boasts are that it's super blendable, which is so true. It's so easy to to smooth all over and it's so easy to blend into my jaw and hair line, it honestly looks so seamless you couldn't even tell i'm wearing anything. It's also supposed to match your skin colour and texture, no idea how it's supposed to do that but it actually does. As i said, it's a perfect colour match and it really does look like my skin when i'm wearing it. For a drugstore foundation this is such a high quality, if you're looking for something new then this should be a definite try for you. It's actually now become my everyday foundation that i wear to work and otherwise. Now it's getting hotter, my oils are making it a little tricky for me but honestly the foundations itself stays on pretty well, i just use products such as the Urban Decay All Nighter or De-Slick Spray to keep my oils at bay and keep my make up looking its best for the longest. The foundation itself does a pretty good job of staying on despite my oily skin, and it's definitely all still there at the end of the day and it doesn't become patchy.

This is a great everyday foundation if you're looking to try something new, the quality is amazing and the price is so reasonable - i highly recommend it.

True Match comes in a lovely 30ml glass bottle, with a pump, and can be bought for £9.99 from Boots.


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