13 June 2015

Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Colour in 101 Bright Plum

Similarly to Chanel, Burberry is one of those luxury brands i never thought i'd ever indulge in. However, with the beauty of my discount i've been lucky enough to purchase a couple of items, now, from Burberry Beauty.

I've got a couple of the eyeshadows, and they are something quite beautiful, but the lipsticks are a whole different ball game. As you can see above, the packaging is chrome with the classic Burberry check imprinted all over. It's mirrored, and there is something about that just feels so special and opulent. You definitely get what you pay for with this brand, not only a great product but packaging too.

This is a Burberry Kisses Lipstick in 101 Bright Plum, and i originally bought it at the beginning of the year, when i was still feeling very Autumnal and did worry that i'd spent a lot of money on a product i'd only get the chance to wear a few times a year. However, when it arrived i actually love the shade far more than i thought i would. Yes, it's a beautiful shade of Plum - more than perfect for the Autumn and Winter months - but there's also something quite bright and sumptuous about it, making it still wearable for Summer too. I can just imagine this with a plain black and white outfit, some cute sandals and this for a pop of colour. It's so incredibly comfortable to wear, and i love that it has a good lasting time but wears gently, leaving a lovely stain behind.

The Burberry Kisses range is marketed at being a build able formula, so you can apply a thin layer to sheer it out and apply multiple layers to get it really opaque. "The weightless formula delivers a customisable make-up result - a single kiss of colour gives understated luminosity, two or three kisses give intense depth and vibrancy." It has a comfortable, satin finish and creates a luminous colour with a lovely, light texture. It's enriched with a signature blend of tea, lavender and rosehip, and glides on to give six hours of hydration.

Just to complete the whole package, i love the Burberry check impreneted on the actual lipstick bullet - that's a real luxurious bonus.

I bought mine from JohnLewis.com for £25.


Ps. You might have noticed, or will come to notice, that i keep mentioning being able buy product from JohnLewis.com at the end of my posts. Now, yes i do work for John Lewis but i am in no way getting paid to mention the products, all opinions are my own and none of them are affiliated links. I just love John Lewis customers service (yes, i'm biased) and the great makeup counters as well as click and collect services they offer.

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