10 June 2015

All About The Base: Laura Mercier Supreme Moisture

This week i've got a Laura Mercier offering for you. I originally went to the LM counter to be matched for the Smooth Finish Flawless Finish Foundation, but they just could not get a good colour match for me. They were all far to heavily pink toned for my neutral complexion, so she tested this on me and it was such a great match i decided to try it out.

I have to say i couldn't find all too much about this one either, but there was plenty of reviews of the Flawless Finish and classic Silk Creme. Luckily i didn't have to colour match myself this time, but i really would advise - if you're going to get colour matched at a counter - that you go and look at the swatch in natural daylight, and have it applied to your chin. The lighting in department stores is always a little off and can obscure even a trained make up artist. There really is limited shades of this foundation too, so you may well find it tricky getting matched. I have to say, from talking to the sales assistants at the LM counter, their shades are often either very light, very dark, very pink or very yellow which isn't great for neutral under-toned girls like myself but this one is pretty fair, so i can make it work.

Below, again, is my make up-less face, so you can see what my skin is really doing.

And below here is the Moisture Supreme foundation fully applied. No other products are on my face, no concealer, etc.

Now, i am fully aware this makes me look a little like a lunatic and actually when wearing nothing else it looks so, so fair on my face but when all my other make up is applied it does look lovely. It does a really good job of hiding my blemishes and redness, and apart from my really dark acne scarring i could go without wearing any concealer. My general skintone is completely even, and everything that needs covering is covered. This foundation is thicker in consistency than last weeks Japonesque make up but it's still fairly liquidy and no more difficult to apply. I apply it the same way as i explained last week, with my fingers and then buffed in with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It does take a little more buffing in places to get rid of any streaks but nothing that's worth worrying about. My shade is Porcelain Ivory which, if i'm not mistaken, is the lightest shade of the bunch. I'd say this is a solid medum coverage foundation, and if really built up could be full coverage - by my standards anyway as i'm not a full cover kinda gal.

I would say, however, that seeing as this is named Moisture Supreme i wouldn't say that's as moisturising as it's name suggests. It's not at all drying, but i always wear a good moisturiser underneath my foundation, but it might not be enough for all you really dry skinned girls. It did settle into the lines around my face a little but i get particularly dry there and am plagued with issues in the same spot so that's nothing i can't work with. This is probably a bit much for my everyday base, but it is lovely for dinner and evenings out especially as it's SPF free so no white case in pictures. 

It can be bought for £35 on JohnLewis.com and it comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pump.


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