3 June 2015

All About The Base: Japonesque Luminous

I'm bringing back a feature on the blog, that i'm pretty sure i started some time ago but either forgot about or i only thought about doing a base series but never actually did it. Either way, i've been quite into foundations lately and i've been trying quite a few so i thought i might as well put all that to good use and share my thoughts with you. I'll be including face swatches of all the foundations i'm reviewing with no other products on the face, so you can truly see the coverage and how it sits, as well i'll include an initial bare face shot so you can really compare.

First up is one that i actually only found while browsing the foundation pages of the John Lewis website. I tried to look up reviews for it, but found very little except a few that were written by european bloggers in other languages. I was fortunate enough to find a few colour swatches that were all i needed to decide on my colour, and besides i've gotten pretty good at matching myself these days  - especially with products that have limited shades.

This is the Japonesque Luminous Foundation, and i've heard quite a lot about other products from the Japonesque brand from other bloggers but nothing about this foundation. I was a little reluctant when i saw the word luminous in it's title, but actually it's worked out pretty well. As far as i'm aware, this foundation is limited to 10 shades so if you're any fairer than me you might not be able to make this work for you and if you're very dark, it ain't gonna happen. I went for shade 01 which is a pretty perfect match for my skin colour, leaving no make up lines and evens out my skin.

Below is my bare skin image, so you can see i do suffer with some active blemishes on the cheeks and chin, as well as some pesky acne scarring on the cheeks too. I do also suffer with some redness on the apples of my cheeks and nose.

So, as you can see below this foundation really evens everything out. There's really no more redness on my face, except for a little on the chin but i would usually go back over with another thin layer to help conceal that. However, for review purposes i'm going in with just one, even layer all over so you can see how it really wears. My blemishes are pretty much all hidden, except up close around the chin, and you can still see some acne scarring on the cheeks, but they can be pretty dark and hard to cover without concealer. This isn't a sheer foundation but i would say it's on the lighter side of things, but could be built up to a medium coverage and with some added concealer you'd definitely be good to go.

Although this foundation is said to be luminous it's not at all shiny or really all that dewy if you ask me. It's certainly not matte, but it's really not all that far off. It's quite a liquidy consistency and is really easy to apply. I applied this the same as i would any usual foundation, by warming it between my fingers first and applying with my hands, then buffing the edges, chin and any unsettled areas with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I spread easily and evenly, all over, and it didn't really streak at all either. I don't find that it settles anywhere, and does last a pretty good amount of time. It's not going to last you all day and into the evening, but if you're just looking for an easy everyday base, this could be a nice option.

It comes in a 25ml glass bottle, with a pump which is always a bonus - i don't know why all foundations don't and can be purchased for £24 from JohnLewis.com.


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