30 May 2015

Topshop Lip Polish in Harness

Another fairly new addition to my growing lipstick collection, and this one is actually from someone i didn't think i'd ever buy make up from. If it wasn't for the lovely Hannah Maggs, on Youtube, i never would have known about this little beauty. I saw her wearing this on her vlogs, and then again on her blog, and after going to Wantfeed - the new app her husband Stef has been working on - i decided it needed to be mine.

I've never tried any Topshop make up before now, but i have swatched other lipsticks before and just not loved them. However, when i swatched this i loved the sort-of gel like texture and the sheer application. With colours like this Topshop Lip Polish in Harness, i quite like it when they're more sheer as they're just a little less intimidating. It can be built up, so if you want an almost opaque finish it can be worked up to that. In the bullet, this does look almost bright red but when applied it becomes this beautiful raspberry pink shade, which i really love. I'm not really a red lips kinda gal, so this is perfect for me as it's a pop of colour but not quite as bright as a red.

Because of it's glossy finish, it doesn't last forever but i'm happy to touch up and i love that it's not at all drying. Once it's settled into the lips, it keeps some of it's gloss but it works really well and becomes a bit of a stain. I haven't tried any other shades from the Lip Polish line but i can highly recommend this one, and at only £8 i might have to try a few more.


1 comment:

  1. This looks like such a beautiful colour and I really like the sound of the formula, my lips have been so dry recently so moisturising lipsticks are always my favourites :)
    Love Holly x



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