21 July 2014

Because These Things Will Change

Full time work makes for a dull blogger!

I'm afraid thing are going to get mighty quiet around here, as now i'm working full time i just don't have the time or the content to post. However, have no fear i'm going nowhere and i will be back, i just don't want to force blogging because that's when it stops being fun. In a few weeks i'm going away on a semi-roadtrip up to Northumberland, York, Durham and then up to Edinburgh so hopefully i'll be back to share my adventure with you after i'm back.

I hope you're all staying well and hopefully i'll be back in no time. When i do return, i'll probably be blogging a lot less than i have been previously simply because i just don't have the time now, perhaps once a week or something similar.

You can still follow my day-to-day life on Instagram and Twitter, both at _legseleven.

See you on the flip side!



  1. I hope you have a fabulous time lovely lady! xx

  2. Don't stress about posting less, I hate when blogging feels like a chore! thats why I gave it up for a year. Now im back and just post when I feel like it. I've been going through your last few posts and adore all your outfits, you are one fashionable lady! xx

    Oh and if you haven't already, don't forget to enter my Lush and Victoria Secret Giveaway :)


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