5 May 2014

Playing with Andrew Barton Salon Triple Barrel Waver

I have been straightening my hair since i can't remember when, and more recently - thanks to the Winter months - i've just been putting my hair up, whether it's in a bun or a ponytail. As easy and convenient as that is, it's also not the most interesting.

So, for Christmas my parents bought me the Andrew Barton triple barrel waver to give a go. I have always loved natural waves, and back in the day i was a huge fan of plaiting my hair while it's wet, and then sleeping on them. I've never had much volume to my hair as it's very thin and very straight, so i do love to try and rustle up some volume every now and again. Usually the best way for me to do that is wash my hair in the morning and then blow-dry my hair upside down, but usually i don't have time to wash in the morning so i generally do it in the evening.

So, that's where the waver comes in. I've never really been one for curling my own hair that much as it takes a hell of a long time and i'm just not the best at it, but this is a great alternative to that. It's super easy to do, and i'm pretty sure it takes half the time. The waver has heat settings so depending on your hair type, you can choose a heat to suit you. I have fine hair so tend to do it about half way, and that works great for me. You only have to leave the waver on for a few seconds to see a result, but you can also personalise how your hair looks with how long you leave it on. If you just want very loose waves then just leave it a few seconds, if you want more stand out, defined waves then leave it a little longer. I kind of went for the tousled, messy waves look here and sort of left it on for different amounts of time all over my head.

I just love how simple but effective this look is. It doesn't take all that long for me and gives my hair so much volume. I don't brush it afterwards but run my fingers through it and use some serum to ease frizz if it's looking a little frazzled. It's a different look but i really enjoy using this waver, it's super easy and you really can't get this look wrong - i mean, how am i meant to know which way the curl should go?



  1. They look really lovely! xxx

  2. I have a waver that I now definitely need to use a little more because your hair looks beautiful! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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