2 May 2014

#NOTM | Nails of the Month: APRIL

Sadly, this is going to my final instalment of Nails of the Month because soon i'm hoping to be getting a job and i can imagine that i'm not going to be able to have my nails painted for work. So, i'll just be featuring nails of the day or nail polish reviews instead, because i'm really into having painted nails lately. This month i've been really into more neutral colours, bar one as you can see above, and i really want to get a few more neutral colours for my collection. I just find it easier to dress up and i really like my nails to match what i'm wearing.

Models Own Champagne with Essie Jazzy Jubilant Top Coat | This little number was painted for my birthday, and i really love the look. I think it's a perfect birthday manicure, simple but a little jazzy too and it was perfect for pairing with anything i decided to wear. I love Models Own Champagne and i've spoken about it many, many times before now but it's just such a beautiful colour and dries quickly too. It goes with absolutely everything so it doesn't matter what you wear and i can be dressed up or down really easily. I was just going to leave it at that but as it was my birthday i decided to layer Jazzy Jubilant over the top as i kind of reminded me of confetti or something. I love the multi-coloured glitter, it looks beautiful over a plan colour too.

Essie Naughty Nautical with Essie Set in Stones Accent Nails | I recently through out a turquoise shade as it was very old and looking gloomy and was starting to separate so i really wanted to buy myself a new one. I found this one from Essie, and i love how bright it is. It's such a true turquoise too, which i think is really hard to find. I actually didn't wear it for too long, as i said i'm more into the neutrals at the moment but come summer this is going to look beautiful.

Essie Parka Perfect with Models Own Jack Frost Accent Nails | Essie Parka Perfect has been one of my new favourite shades ever since i got it for Christmas. It's such a beautiful colour, but so simple too. It's a perfect icey, blue toned grey shade with a slight shimmer if you look closely. I chose to apply Models Own Jack Frost over two nails for accent, which i just thought was beautiful. I have worn that combo over all my nails before which i loved, but it's definitely a pain in the butt to get off.

OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes with Models Own Bora Bora Accent Nail | This was another really cute more neutral combination. I love the warm toned pink colour as a base, and you can find very similar shades to this all over the place but i think it's such a staple to have in your collection as it's great on it's own or with an accent nail or glitter topcoat. I loved the look with Bora Bora as an accent, as the pink is so warm toned. I think this is just perfect for day to day as it doesn't matter what you wear, it'll go with everything. OPI dries so quickly, which i love, and Bora Bora did take a little more time as it's quite a thick glitter but it's so worth it as it's simple but effective.

Essie It's Genius | I really wanted another neutral shade but i actually don't have all that many, so this was the nearest thing i had. I actually really like this shade too, pink isn't my favourite colour but i love that this is more of a berry colour. It's a lot more subtle and i love that it shimmers. Essie is always brilliant, it applies easily and dries super fast too.

There will be some new nail posts in the not too distant future, i'm sure, as i have some new ones to try out.


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