2 April 2014

I'm Feeling Twenty-Two

Tomorrow it's my birthday and i'm turning twenty two - i don't know about you, but i'm feeling twenty two! Anybody, anybody?

Above are some of the selfies i've taken over the last four yours and it also looks like a timeline of the changing of my hair too, which i thought was interesting. I honestly can't believe i turned 21 a year ago, already. I mean it feels just like yesterday, and it definitely doesn't feel that long since i was at the Harry Potter Studio Tour that i did for my birthday last year. Goodness. It's scary how much can change in a year, and how fast time is slipping by these days. Time definitely goes faster the older you get, and i can't believe that i've been at university almost three years and i'm going to the end of my time as a student. Currently my life consists of living between two places, trying to desperately complete the work that's asked of me, planning my future which happens to begin in approximately a month and applying for jobs to support that future.

I have to admit that i'm actually really excited to finish university and start my life, it's been a great experience but i want to get out there and live. I'm looking forward to getting a job, moving out and doing everything i've wanted to do in the past four years. I'd like to join some evening classes, i'd like to study something in beauty, i want to get fit and join some exercise classes, and a billion other things.

But anyway, tomorrow i turn twenty two and this year i feel like i really am growing up because i kinda have to, life is about to start and i couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to having more time to blog and read them too. Thanks for sticking by me this far, i hope that Legs Eleven can further grow for years to come.



  1. Eeep, 22 is the best age but I could be biased ;) happy birthday for tomorrow lovely one!

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a lovely day x


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