7 February 2014

Fancy a Cuppa?

My main Christmas gift this year was this magnificent machine, a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Krups Hot Drinks Machine.

I've wanted one of these since i gifted one to my ex boyfriend last Christmas. Now, yes i don't drink coffee but it certainly makes a damn good hot chocolate and this will be it's main job, for me. As you can see by the pictures, it's been doing a brilliant job already. It heats up really quickly, and has great pressure at emptying the pods into your mug. This machine has a wide range of coffee, teas and hot chocolates to use and it can produce both cold and hot beverages. I'm not an iced tea fan, so all my drinks are hot but i can vouch for delicious tea too. It's quick, and does the job brilliantly efficiently. My one gripe would be that i wish some of the pods would have more contents in them as if you over use a pod it can become a little watery, but with practise and finding the right mugs to use i've come to perfect them. It does get through water pretty quickly, if you use it a lot, but it's easy to refill the water barrel at the back. I believe it does come in a range of water barrel sizes to suit how much you'll use it.

I'd highly recommend this machine if you're in the market for one. I wanted this over a Tassimo as although you can buy branded drinks, such as Costa and Cadbury, it works on the basis of bar codes and there's a lot more room for things not working. After seeing reviews, it seems a lot more difficult to work so this seemed the obvious solution for me.

Soon, i'll share with you the pods that i have come to know and love, my favourites.


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