10 February 2014

A Pod of Jo

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Choco Caramel Pods, Nescafe Dolce Gusto Chococino Pods & Nescafe Dolce Gusto Nestea Lemon Pods

I'm not a coffee drinker, and my favourite hot beverages are Whittards instant teas so the reason i wanted a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine was for hot chocolates, and anything else i found was a bonus. The online Nescafe Dolce Gusto shop has every beverage available for purchase and that is where i found the other two of these drinks.

The chococino is the one i have known and loved for a year. It's your typical hot chocolate, and i like to add two sugars to keep things sweet. It's easily accessible, in most supermarkets and i buy mine from Tesco. To simply complete your drink, all you have to do is place the milk pod into your machine and run it for half your mug, then put in the chocolate pod and run it for the other half. What i've come to find is that each Nescafe drink is supposed to be poured into a different sized mug, and the hot chocolate size that they suggest isn't quite what i would usually use, it's a lot smaller. So, i've come to realise is that if you run each pod too much the drink can become very watery. So, the way in which i make my hot chocolates is run each pod until you can visibly see the running drink look watery. When the machine has run through all the product in each pod, the product begins to chance colour and become watery so if you like a really strong, chocolately drink then run the machine only as much as there is product. It's pretty simple and it's easy to get used to, and you'll learn how you like your own drinks.

My absolute favourite is the Choco Caramel, it's pretty much a caramel hot chocolate and it's delicious. It's sweet and chocolatey, and a nice treat at the end of the day. It reminds me a lot of my favourite hot chocolate from Costa during the Christmas season, the honeycomb hot chocolate so if you're a fan then you may also love this too.

Something else i wanted to try was the Nestea Lemon tea. It's actually supposed to be an iced tea but on the Nescafe machine i have - i'm not sure if it's the same on all their machines - you can choose whether you want to make a cold or a hot beverage. So, i thought i'd give it a try making it hot and it did work, however after drinking the delicious, fruity, packed with sugar Whittard's Instant Teas it seemed a little dull and plain. However, if you want a simple lemon tea and you don't want to buy both Whittards and this option, then it'd be a good option.

Do you own a Nescafe machine? What do you enjoy drinking?


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