12 February 2014

Bows are for Life, Not just for Christmas

Especially Glitter Bows! I'm back! Hello, hi, hey! How're you? I'm feeling rested and thankful for the break. I've got some posts ready for the foreseeable future and we'll see how scheduling goes over the next couple of months as the end of my university career is looming; but for now, on with the post!

Beauxoxo Glitter Hair Bow in (From Top to Bottom) Petrol, Kaleidoscope, Peacock & Ruby Red Slippers and Tartan Hair Bow in Medium.

Just before Christmas i decided to make an order with my lovely friend Georgie, over at Beauxoxo. If you've not heard of Georgie or her wonderful hand crafted hair accessories before, then i will you to check out her website. It boasts the more beautiful pieces for everyone with short hair to long, and everyone in between. She sells beautiful bows, like the ones above, as well as turbans and hair jewellery, as well as bow headbands that i've talked about before here.

I've actually had the Petrol Glitter Bow for a couple of years, which i won in a blog giveaway from Jennie and i've fallen in love ever since. I had actually forgotten and left my Petrol bow at home, so forgot all about it while i was at uni but when i got home for Christmas it seemed the perfect festive addition to my up-dos. I decided i simply needed some more, especially a beautiful red one which is the ultimate festive addition, let me tell you. They're so well made and really add something special to any hair look. They're easy to put in, and stay put all day.

They're simply beautiful pieces that are perfect for evenings out, and just day to day. Go check Georgie out at Beauxoxo, and see what you fall in love with!


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