28 November 2013

What to Buy: A Student

Gift Vouchers | Skincare Essentials | Magazine Subscription | John Lewis Handel Slipper Boots in NavyJohn Lewis 2 Tier Fruit Basket | Culinary Concepts Watering Can Salt and Pepper Set | DVDs |  BHS Sleeping Fox Cushion | BHS Applique Owl Cushion | BHS Multi Love Cushion

Lastly in this years Christmas gift series, is the student. As a student myself i've kind of just suggested what i've really appreciated as gifts over my time as a student.

My personal favourite gift as a student is actually gift cards. As a student, you don't really have money just laying around to buy yourself clothes or treats, so gift cards are a lovely gift. It means they can choose what they'd like to buy without feeling guilty for splurging their student budget. I would suggest perhaps a Boots voucher, because we always need deodorant, shampoo etc, or maybe you know their favourite shop then that would be a lovely gift or even John Lewis where they can buy anything from beauty, to fashion, to stationary, to homeware.

Something else that i love to receive is my favourite skincare and day to day items, such as facial scrubs, face masks, cleansers, cleansing wipes, toners, etc. It just means that you don't have to worry about buying them for yourself and if you pick the items you know they use every day then they'll always be used. Here i've showed you some of my favourite skincare products but you can buy them whatever they personally like to use.

Something else that's really useful for a student is items that they need for their student rooms, for example here i've suggested a fruit bowl or salt and pepper set. If you know that haven't shopped for living away at university yet, then there's hundreds of things you could purchase, for example: pots and pans, calendar, books, laundry basket, blankets, bedding, etc. Especially as a first year, i found that all first year girls love cushions. So buying cushions to match their room would be a lovely gift. It means they can take them through their years away from home from first year all the way to the end.

Until next year, have a happy Christmas shopping season!


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