22 November 2013

What to Buy: The Difficult One

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I know we all have that friend who has everything, or who's really picky, or never likes the gifts they're given. Well, i've given you a few options of gifts that could work for that type of friend or at least could be useful or at least a gesture for Christmas.

I think that for a friend who has everything, buying them something useful is a great option. For example, try a wooly hat and gloves for the Winter season. You can never have too many layers and they'll always be needed; that's, of course, assuming you live somewhere where it gets cold enough to need a hat and gloves. Or perhaps some pretty hair clips could be useful to them; if they have a lot of hair, or take pride in it, or put their hair up a lot them some pretty hair clips could be the gift they never knew they needed.

I think that vouchers are also a great way to go in this instance. It means that the person can choose what they want to do with them, especially if you gift something like the Love2Shop vouchers  These are accepted in over 100 different types of High Street stores, so they could buy anything from clothes to homeware. Or, perhaps you know they love buying music, games or books in Itunes, so an Itunes voucher would be perfect.

If you pick a topic or a hobby you know the friend likes, then try to find something useful amongst that. Even if you know they love to pamper themselves and take baths, why not try a fancy bubble bath like this Philosophy one. They do cost a little more but it's the thought that counts and i'm sure they'd love to be spoilt with something they can really use this Christmas.

And fairy lights; who doesn't want fairy lights? I know i do.


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  1. The OPI polish set is lovely & I like the Fairy Lights


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