14 November 2013

My Winter Feet

When the weather started to get a little sour, and i started to pack up to come back to university, it got me thinking about how we change our wardrobes to suit the seasons. Honestly, i've learnt to buy clothes that i can transition from Summer to Winter just by adding a long sleeve, or layering, so the biggest change in my wardrobe is actually in my shoes. So, i thought it might be interesting to show my shoedrobe for this coming Autumn/Winter season.

Boohoo Ankle Strap Studded Platform Heels | These are the latest addition to my collection, but they actually didn't make it to university with me. I ended up deciding that they just didn't need to come along with me but they are a great addition. They're actually really comfortable, despite how huge they look. They have a huge platform that makes the heel all the more manageable and the ankle strap keeps you feeling really secure. For Winter, i like that they have a closed toe and they're pleather so rain and rubbish weather won't effect them.

River Island Wedge Ankle Strap Boots | I love these wedges, they're so comfortable and perfect for the Winter. They keep your feet nice and snug, and you can wear them with tights or thick socks underneath if it's really cold outside. They fit to the foot really nicely , especially thanks to the stretchy panel in the side and the buckle strap around the ankle. These don't have a huge platform in the front so you've got more pressure on the balls of your feet, so i've found that adding in some of the party feet really helps.

Matalan Cut Out Buckle Strap Heeled Boots | I love how these ones look but they are a real pain to put on because all those buckle straps you see? There is no zip. You have to undo them all every time you put them on or take them off, which really is a pain. However, i love how they look. Even though they're peeptoe, i don't mind wearing these with tights because the peeptoe is so small and on your heel, tights just blend in with the shoes so it doesn't look so bad. They're not too big a heel either so they're still very comfortable, and i love how secure you feel thanks to all the buckle straps.

River Island Heeled Chelsea Boots | I bought these when the whole heeled chelsea boot craze was in full swing, and i think they're so cute. I like that they're a little different from the Topshop versions that swept the Blogasphere. They're really comfortable, and i even added some fleecy innersoles for added snug. I have to admit that these are never my first choice, because i'm too lazy to bother with wearing a heel to walk to uni but i do love the way they look and they are fairly comfortable - obviously not as much as a flat.

Topshop Leather Buckle Biker Boots | These little babies have got me through the last, almost, three Winters. Before these i didn't really have any decent black Winter boots, and these really did save my poor feet from the Southampton cold, rain and snow. These are just so comfortable and go with everything. I love how they can make girly outfits look a little more grungey. They're easy to put on and are honestly an easy go-to.

New Look Patent Lace Up Brogues | These are a pretty new addition to my collection to, and i love them. They're so different to anything else i own and i really wanted something for the colder weather  that wasn't a boot and that would look cute with trousers. When i wore them for the first time, they did rub my feet quite a bit but i was wearing them with the half socks that you wear with ballet pumps, so you can wear socks and can't see them. So since i've worn black trainer socks and although you can see the socks above the shoes, it doesn't look too bad because they're black as well. However, i love the effect of these and they're really different to anything else i own.

Office Leather Lace Up Brogue Boots | These actually also pretty new for me. I wanted some boots that were a little bit smarter, and that might look nice for interning and work. I originally wanted some brogue boots that didn't have laces and that just slipped on, but thanks to my ridiculously skinny feet and ankles i can't wear those boots because they just don't stay on. So, these had to be my compromise but they are actually really cute and i love how well they fit my feet, and especially my ankles. I love the sleek, thin shape of these boots and i especially love the brogue detail, which is a little hard to see in the photos, as it just makes them a little different from your average black boots.

Converse All Star Canvas Low Tops | Now, i obviously don't wear them like this - a different colour on each foot - but these are the two colours i generally wear during the Autumn and Winter. I just think they're so comfortable and cute, and they obviously go with everything so much. The only downside is that i don't wear them when it's raining or when it looks like it's going to as the canvas and noone likes wet feet.

Ugg Classic Short Boots in Royal Blue | So, this is awkward! I actually forgot to take these images before i went back to uni so the background has changed for the last couple but that's okay! I love my Uggs, they're just so snuggly for the really cold, crisp Winter days. Again, they're not so great for rainy days but when it's freezing cold they're perfect. I bought this pair last year because i wanted a colourful pair, and i figured blue goes with quite a lot. I just love how bright they are and i also love the classic short style too - they're just so easy to wear.

Ugg Classic Tall Boots in Chestnut | This was my first pair of Uggs that i bought two or three years ago. I actually don't love them as much as i did when i bought them, mainly because they're a shade of brown and i don't really do brown. However, i love the tall style as they keep your legs nice and warm, and these are great for pulling on when i'm just popping to the shop.

River Island Studded Double Strap Ankle Boots | Last, but not least, is these little booties. I think i bought these last year to add to my collection. I love the studs and how short they were, i just thought they were different to all my other boots and they look really cute with almost everything. There's little to say about these, but i went through a phase of not really loving them but since coming back to uni i've been getting a lot of use out of them.

What do you wear for Winter?


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  1. Ohh I love the first pair, they're so cool!

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