19 September 2013

#OOTD | Leopard Print

Dress: Topshop | Belt: Ebay | Shoes: M&S | Tights: New Look

I love these style of dresses, they're just so insanely flattering that i seem to have them in a tonne of different colours. They're very similarly skirted to the Topshop skirts i always talk about, in the fact that they're still a sort of skater style dress but rather than the skirt being super poofy and more circular, they're a lot straighter. Which, on the plus side, means less worry of flashing your knickers when it's windy. I picked up this red leopard print number when i was in London a couple of months ago, and i honestly love it. It's so bright and fun but you could wear this all year round, so i'll be sure to get a lot of use out of this one.

The problem with this time of year is, it's always quite a transition. You're not sure what the weather's going to be doing, whether it will be hot or cold, or somewhere inbetween so footless tights, and actually all types of tights, are my best friend. They're easy to layer but if you get too warm just slip them off. The great thing about footless tights is that it means i can still get wear out of all of my beautiful Summer sandals, like this pair from M&S. I honestly adore this pair. I actually bought a pair exactly like this from New Look online but unfortunately they were too big, and only an online exclusive so i sent them back but didn't bother to exchange as i wasn't sure if the size down would even fit. I was pretty bummed about it because they're just so cute and really different to any other sandals i had seen. So, when i saw them in M&S i knew i had to have them, and they fit like a dream.

As for this belt, it's not exactly what i was after and it's a little tackier than the version i had seen on ASOS but i couldn't bring myself to fork out for the ASOS version. This Ebay one isn't all that bad, and actually i really love the aesthetic of it. It really gives a simple dress like this a little more drama, that's for sure.


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