21 September 2013

&OtherOptions | Essie Fear & Desire

Models' Own Hedkandi Beach Party | Essie Fear & Desire | Models' Own Zest A Peal

Another &OtherOptions post! This week i'm looking at you, orange. Honestly, orange is one of my all time favourite nail polish colours. I just can't help but feel cheery with bright orange nails, and i love that it clashes but matches with a lot of colours that i wear. It's an all round brilliant colour, and although it's thought to be a traditional Summer colour i actually enjoy wearing it all year round.

Essie's Fear & Desire is a shade that took a long time for me to pick up. I'd seen it featured on numerous blog posts but every time i'd had the chance to get to a Boots that stocked Essie, it was gone. However, the illusive Fear & Desire finally became mine and i love it's gorgeous true orange shade.

I have two options for you today as i haven't got a super close match in my collection. The Hedkandi Beach Party is a really neon, and it's actually a little lighter than Essie. If you're looking for something a little closer in colour but perhaps don't mind yourself some shimmer, then i highly recommend picking up Zest A Peal. This is a gorgeous shade, and has a real slight duo-chorme to it but it's certainly packed with shimmer. If you just love orange, like i do, then i recommend all three!


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