15 July 2013

Guinot Paris Essential Facial Experience

Since coming back from university for the Summer, i've been a little up and down in the emotions department. It's probably something to do with only having one year left of my university life and having to consider that next step in life, which is all a little overwhelming. So, i decided to treat myself and take some time to relax. In my local town we have a lovely beauty salon called Optimum Beauty, and i have been frequenting it's doors for years. I have my legs waxed here, as well as indulging in facials, so i decided to stick with something i knew and plumped for a facial.

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Optimum have an offer two types of facial therapies on offer, those using Elemis products and those using Guinot. I've had experiences with Elemis before, and have even used their products for home use so i decided i wanted to give something new a go. Guinot is a french skincare brand and after a little research, i learned more about them. It's actually an eco-friendly brand, who aim to 'respect the environment' not only in production but also in formulation. Active ingredients are sourced from renewable, non-GMO plants and products are completely paraben free. As you would expect from an ethical brand, no products are tested on animals either.

The brand has actually prepared it's products especially for use when taking the time to really look after the skin:

"Endowed with 40 years of experience in beauty care, Guinot has been able to observe that the effectiveness of a one-hour beauty treatment is incomparably
more effective than merely applying cream or a serum.
It is thus to the great benefit of women, that Guinot has entrusted its exclusive beauty care methods to beauty therapists, with treatments being administered within an exclusive network of beauty salons."

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After learning a little more about the brand, i was sold and went about choosing the right experience for me. I've recently been really trying to look after my skin after being prescribed some medication to aid in clearing up my oily, acne-prone skin from my GP so i was looking for something that could continue to improve the current state of my skin.

I settled on the Essential Facial, priced at £40. The description given on the Optimum website, and in their pricing book, is: "A great introduction to facials. 45 minutes of relaxation. A cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage and mask to leave your skin radiant." This is what sold me on this treatment, as it's pretty similar to my own skincare routine and i didn't want to take myself too far from my comfort zone incase of agitation and break outs.

So, last week i arrived at Optimum at 10:00am ready for my appointment at ten past and was pointed in the direction of the waiting area for the treatment rooms. I was greeted by the lovely Kelly who took me to my room and explained what she was going to do. She also checked with me whether i have any allergies and what my skin issues are. Once that was all cleared up she left me to remove my top and remove the bra straps from my shoulders, as the facial includes a shoulder massage, and i got myself up onto the bed.

The whole experience was really relaxing, i'm almost certain i fell asleep for five minutes during the experience. The Guinot products went on like a dream, and felt so smoothing and gentle. Nothing felt too heavy for my skin, or like it would irritate and everything was light. The products had a slightly odd smell, i would describe it as spa-like or herbal scented but it wasn't off putting or horrible just very different to my usual fruity scents. Kelly had a lovely technique for getting the product all over my skin, as she used a interlocking finger motion and releasing. She double cleansed my face, using what felt like a cream cleanser which was so soothing and calming, and on the second cleanse she massaged the cleanser into my skin, especially in my problem areas which was nice. She removed all the products off with warm, wet facial cloths which i love because i always feel like it really helps the skin take in the products and open up the pores. The exfoliation was fairly gritty but she was very gentle when working it into the skin, with small, slow circular motions and although i don't think it was supposed to it sort of made my skin feel warm, which i wasn't sure if i liked or not but once she removed it it left my skin feeling smooth. The toner that was applied was lovely too, it was a fairly wet toner but dried quickly and made my skin feel very clean.

Before she finished the facial, she gave me a neck, chest and shoulder massage that was really needed. I've been having quite a problem in my neck and upper back, so this was perfect. Really relaxing and i could feel that she was working some of the knots in the base of my neck. I really liked that although i was in for a facial, she took just as much time, care and attention to this section of the treatment as she did with all the rest. It wasn't rushed but actually made the experience all the more relaxing. After finishing with this, she cleansed one more time and then applied a mask. It was minty, and menthol scented which i actually find really compliments my skin. She left this on for ten to fifteen minutes, i can't be sure as i'm pretty sure this is when i took my cat nap. When she returned and took this off, it left my skin feeling tingly, cold and very refreshed as menthol products usually do and it reminded me very much of the treatment wash that i'm currently using. Once my face was fully cleaned she finished up with a moisturiser, that was really nice and not too oily. She then let me know that the facial was complete and gave me plenty of time to relax and let myself sort myself out. She also brought me a cold glass of water to help me rehydrate and explained that because she had worked the knots in my neck that she would have dislodged toxins which would have been released into my body, and that i should keep drinking a lot of water all day to flush them out. It's also good to drink a lot of water after a facial to fully help the skin to benefit from the treatment and really plump up.

After i had woken up a little, i got down from the bed and actually felt a bit light headed but that was probably from being fairly tired and thoroughly relaxed from the treatment. Once i'd headed sorted myself out and headed out of the atmospheric lighting into the day light, i was absolutely fine.

I really enjoyed the experience and although i didn't see tremendous results, as my skin was fairly good before i went in, i did see that the overall look of my skin was clearer and plumper than before. This is not something i would have on a regular basis as the price tag is a little much for me to handle, but i think as a treat it's really nice to take the time out.

Kelly was great, and really accommodating so if you're ever in the area and fancy a facial at Optimum i'd definitely recommend asking for her.


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