12 June 2013

#OOTD | Neon Jumper

Jumper: H&M | Trousers: Topshop | Shoes: Topshop | Necklace: River Island | Scarf: H&M

Hey Guys, and welcome to my new OOTD set up! Now i've finally got some time on my hands, i've had a fiddle (oo-er) with my tripod/camera set up and found a way of setting up in my room. So, welcome to my bedroom! I'm hoping to do all my OOTDs here from now on or, weather permitting, to do some outside and with the British weather on the up i'm hoping to get outside soon enough! This will also make things far easier to do OOTDs while i'm at university too, so hopefully they'll featuring a lot more on the blog from now on. However, things will be changing a tad around here because that luminous orange wall you see behind me? Well, that's going. I'm currently in the process of redecorating my room and soon that wall will be bright yellow! I'm hoping it won't throw my lighting off too much but i have a lot of natural night in my room so everything should be fine! Let me know what you think about the new set up, i much prefer it and think it looks far more personal!

OH! And have you noticed my hair is no longer red? Yes, i'm making the slow transition back to blonde because i missed it and you can do so much more with your hair when it's blonde. However, i think i'll always be a pillerbox redhead in my heart, but this is just a little more me.

At the moment, with the weather so undecided, this is my standard go-to outfit.  I absolutely adore these trousers, so much so i bought two pairs! They're just so comfortable and so flattering to my shape. They really work with my long legs and sweep over the parts i'm not so confident on. They're just something a little different than jeans, especially as i seem to be loving denim lately. They're made of a really thick material, so although stretchy similar to leggings they're definitely thick enough to get away with as trousers. They're built like a pair, with a fly and back pockets so i feel much more comfortable tucking things in or wearing cropped tops with them. I did buy the plain black versions of these but they just were not the same. The material was even thicker, with less stretch, so they did fit nicely even though i bought the same size and they definitely were not as long as these - which is something very important to me. So, if you're gonna go for it i'd, personally, shoot for this pair.

This jumper is my number one favourite outfit in my wardrobe right now. It's just so bright, and colourful, perfect for a gloomy or a sunny day. It's such a lightweight knit so it's great for wearing even when the weather's warming up because it just gives me something on the arms to help me feel more comfortable. It comes in tonnes of different colours, which i also own, and it's just so versatile - and as i'm growing older that's something i look for in an item.

Prepare to see these shoes in hundred of OOTDs, they're insanely comfortable, are brightly coloured and have a strap to keep my abnormally skinny feet in them. I just adore them and they pair with so much as they have black, pink, purple and a touch of orange in them. As for the scarf, what can i say? I just love the neon coral trend. It's perfect and lightweight for the Summer, and again goes with everything to brighten things up!


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  1. Love that colour on you Kat and your hair is looking beautiful :) I'm obsessed with neons too, I keep admiring them on other people and really want to get some neon nail polish :D
    I'm so excited to see your new yellow walls bet it's gonna look amazing! I love the new background for your ootd's, I always love being nosey at people's rooms and yours looks particularly pretty :) Room tour?? <3
    Love Holly x

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