28 June 2013

#BEAUTY101 | Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

I have literally been umming and ahhing about buying this concealer FOR EVER. Everything about it reads like exactly what i look for in a concealer but, frankly, the price tag has always put me off. However, when you're lucky enough to bag yourself two Boots gift cards for your birthday, that's the time to treat yourself.

I guess this product is just what i expected, i think i my expectations are always too high so all in all this is a good concealer. It blends really well, it's a super creamy concealer which is great because i was worried it'd be hard to work with because it's in a hard formulation.

This is the lightest shade available and i'm pretty pale, i'm not sure if this made me a little orange when i've worn it. I think i need to work with it a little more but i think the shade is a pretty good match.

It is fairly industrial but i think that when blended it could do with sticking around a little bit and not just rubbing off, but it's definitely buildable. I think i'd repurchase this product and i recommend giving it a go if, like me, you have a problem withe acne scarring.



  1. nice review, your blog is just lovely, keep up the good work :)

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  2. I'm always a bit :/ about benefit, I've only ever tried a sample of one of their mascaras and whilst I liked it I wasn't wowed enough to justify its price tag. I love the packaging and do think some of their products sound really good but I just can't bare to part with that much cash for one product! Maybe I'll ask for a couple of pieces for my birthday or christmas to try :)
    Love Holly x

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