31 August 2012

Kick Off Your Shoes & Stay A While!

Welcome to what i'm referring to as my new room!

Doesn't she look lovely? I've had the Banana Business boys working hard on her and i'm so happy with the result. I was in the mood for a little change around here to match the changes that are going on in my personal life and i love the new doo.

When i say 'my new room' i feel as though Legs is turning into a bit on an inner sanctum; here you get to hear all of my opinions, first hand, all about my life, loves and loathes, as well as girly chats about make up, hair and fashion! Plus, the best part of it all is the lovely ladies i've met along the way. It's become a little like my own bedroom so welcome on in! Throw off your shoes, pull up a chair and stay a while!

The Boys are ironing out a few kinks at the moment so bare with us, we'll be fully up and running in no time! In the mean time why don't you take a look around at my most recent posts!

Thanks for stopping by,


1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous new room! I'm lovin' the candy stripes and bunting, totally gorgeous ♥ xxx


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