31 August 2012

American Beauty #1: ORLY Polish

While i was away i took full advantage of being in a country i know to have some great beauty products. Watching gorgeous beauty gurus on Youtube - Such as Missglamorazzi and Amarixe - have teased me into the world of American beauty but finally getting to visit the drugstores and cosmetics chains myself, i indulged.

I'm not sure why but i seemed to come away with a mammoth of nail varnish, there was just too many beautiful colours and brands i wanted to try. My first port of call was ORLY, a brand i've always eyed up in Boots but have rolled my eyes at the price. Now, i don't know if it's me but i'm pretty sure the bottles i've spyed in Boots are a lot smaller than the ones i picked up from CVS. Maybe that's just me but i was very impressed with the amount of product you got for about $8. They were also better than i expected in dry time, i was a little worried that they'd be awful as i'm a real quick drying polish fiend but actually they weren't too bad. Maybe a little bit longer than my all time love, Models Own, but altogether nothing awful.

I decided to stick with two as the range that CVS carried was a little limited, but these two really stuck out to me - unlike anything else i have in my collection.

 ORLY Nail Polish in Oh, Cabana Boy

I already knew i wanted to check out Cabana Boy as i'd seen Fleur rave about it a couple of months ago. It's so unlike me and i'm not really sure what's happened to me over the last month or so. I used to be opposed to pink, just because i like to be girly but nothing too pretty, prissy, flouncy girly and to me pink was just that. However, lately pink seems to be sneaking its way into my wardrobe first in a gorgeous tunic top and now into my nail polish! I don't think i own anything like this in my current collection, actually i don't think i own anything pink so this is a nice addition. I love that it's not plain it's super bright and a gorgeous shade. I was worried that it's shimmer would be a bit too much for me but actually it's really flattering and insanely beautiful. It's the perfect match for my new neon pink Victoria Secret PINK top too!

ORLY Nail Polish in Terracotta

I actually went and came back to this shade as i wasn't sure if it was for me. For starters i'm not entirely sure what colour i'd call this; in the store i thought it was somewhere between the orange and coral, when i got it home it looked somewhere between the pink and orange and when applied it seemed a lot more red, however it's actually a really lovely shade to have in my collection. It appears really classic but without being too 'trendy' like a classic red nail. It's girly without being too out there and really adorns the hands. I'm actually really in love with it and am glad that i've got it for future occasions.

Have you ever given ORLY a go and if so what are your favourite shades? I'm desperate to try out some new colours!


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