12 July 2012

REVIEW: Scrub a Dub Dub

Seeing as the Summer months are well on their way, we're all wanting to take care of our skin and our bodies. Us ladies will also be shaving our legs more frequently, or maybe even waxing so it's only write we do what we can to help keep ourselves in tip top condition.

Currently, i'm using the Benefit Refined Facial Polish on my face and the Good Things Soothing Exfoliating Scrub on the rest of my body. I think that especially when we're getting out body out more and our skin is put under all the elements, it's only right that we prepare properly and do what we can to take care of it - after all, we only have one body!

St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub | Soap & Glory Flake Away

As much as i love both the scrubs i'm using at the moment, the Benefit Facial Polish is a little pricier than what i'd normally want to spend and for less product than i could get from a more High Street brand. However, it is a gorgeous product with fairly finely milled beads but still big enough to make me feel as though i'm giving my skin a good clean. So, i was looking for something similar but maybe something a little better for me, with fruits in etc. I'd seen a lot of youtubers and bloggers raving about the St. Ives brand and i'd always been aware of it, but never branched out as i've never been that into skincare - until now. So i thought i'd go with the recommendations of some of my favourite youtubers and bloggers and give their Apricot Scrub a go.

I cannot rave about this product enough. I really thought the Benefit scrub was doing it for me, but boy was i wrong. This scrub gives the most amazing clean and yet still leaves you moisturised. The grains are a lot larger than the Benefit product but not so big that you're over exfoliating or damaging the skin, just enough to give a truly deep. I use it all over my face, neck and chest and, although i don't use it every day, there's nothing like the feeling after a good exfoliation with this product followed by my favourite gel cleanser. I just adore the way this makes my skin feel and i've seen a significant difference in the quality of my skin - my break outs are clearing up, any stubborn spots are on their way out, acne scarring and blemishes are fading and generally my skin just feels in really great condition. An added bonus is the scent, i wasn't so keen when i first started using it but it's growing on me and just smells really clean and fresh.

On my pins i've been using the Good Things Soothing Exfoliating Scrub and the only problem i have with this is i feel i need heavier beads to really see some better results. I find that i could do with something a little rougher to help combat ingrown hairs (TMI?) on the backs of my legs especially. Now, as we all know i love Soap & Glory as i use their Hand Maid & Hand Food daily and i've always been aware of Flake Away but have never felt i needed it.. That's until my skincare kick! So i decided to give it a go, as i recently saw Fleur De Force talking about it in a Summer video and saying that it's one of the best scrubs she's found. Well, this scent just gets me every time and i'm sold! I love the thick consistency of this scrub and yet it's still so moisturising, if i have anything of more significance to say i'll let you know, however this Soap & Glory number is loved amongst the Blog/Youtube community so you'll be able to find a hundred and one reviews, already!


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  1. i love applying body scrubs in showers, they really work well against the skin :)
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