14 July 2012

REVIEW: Splash of Grenadine

Ever since i first dipped my toe into the Essie ocean i've fallen head over heels for their polish. The colour range, the consistency, the quick drying time - everything about this polish is just perfect for me. I thought things couldn't get any better, in my eyes, for this brand but that was until i (finally) came across the Essie Diffusion Line in Boots. I was happy with the consistency before hand, but my oh my has it improved more than i thought it could! The polish is more opaque, it's thicker and it still has it's ultra quick drying time which sells me every time. I also just have to mention the incredible new brush on these polishes, they're wider and thicker and you can coat your whole nail in one to two fail sweeps. They're amazing, and i cannot recommend them to you guys enough - i honestly suggest you go to your local Essie stand, in Boots or Superdrug, and check them out. Although we don't have the entire collection here, the Diffusion Line has it's best sellers and more than enough colour range.

Essie Splash of Grenadine

Now, the shade i'm reviewing today is Splash of Grenadine and this is fast becoming one of my all time favourite colours. I have never seen anything like this shade, as it's the perfect mid point between Lilac and Pink. Now, i just cannot get on with Lilacs. I love them and i want to, but i just can't. They're so pale they make me look like i have dead hands and they streaky, hard to apply so i just stay away at all costs. That was until i saw Splash of Grenadine on Lily Pebbles. I just knew i had to have it, and when i saw it instore it was in my basket faster than the speed of light. It's just the most beautiful, unique colour and i adore it. I know i'm going to be wearing this all year 'round, and will be repurchased again and again. It's creamy without being streaky, it's super easy to apply and looks great on fingers and toes. I highly recommend this!

Have you tried Essie yet?


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